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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - MS: 1st party Xbox games will be cross-gen for "next year, two years"

Same arguments, same people. No resolution in sight. Thread has run its course and it will now see its way out.


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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

Because quality ultimately speaks louder. Your whole argument is “hype”. Hype is like a house of cards: flimsy, susceptible to change, and ends in an instant.

And you act like cross gen games can’t be hyped up, ridiculous.

How are you so certain that Halo will be quality and a next gen exclusive will not? Are you now seriously saying Halo Infinite will be better because it's cross gen and actually would have been worse as a next gen only title?  

Great question. My answer is based on history. 

By your own admission, if Halo Infinite isn’t pushed to the limits of Series X potential, which by the way has never been done at launch by MS or Sony, that leaves more time and resources into quality control. It’s also been made in a 5 year cycle instead of the usual 3, and the Slipspace engine is much easier to program for then the 20 year old Halo engine. 

Where as historically, exclusives locked to the newest console aren’t the best critically. Not just knack and Killzone SF, but Ryse and Forza 5 (the lowest rated mainline Forza on metacritic). Where as Forza 8 is taking an extra year more then usual to perfect their formula. 

Conclusion: History is your friend. Launch exclusives are little more then pretty tech demos that are critical duds. Cross gen games allow more quality control and still show a generational change in graphics at the same time. 

(Mic drops)

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