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Forums - Sony Discussion - VGC sources (not this VGC), Schreier, and Pachter suggest that Sony may skip E3 2020

melbye said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

Considering that this is the year of revealing the PS5, I find it hard to believe, even more so since they were absent last year. Back then I got it, they did not have much to talk about so why organize an event to simply repeat what we already knew. But by E3 2020, there's the PS5 and surely teasers/trailers for the first PS5 games, exclusives etc.

Sony keeping silent during E3 2020 highly unlikely.

Nintendo didn't show Switch at E3, worked out for them

It's not just about showing hardware, it's also about announcing new titles and trailers and all that stuff. Nintendo did a direct during E3 didn't they?

But as of the latest news, Sony will be totally absent from E3, so yeah that's that.

Funny how they decide to announce a logo at CES but nothing at E3, shows that this is not business as usual and everything is possible despite some people's assumed certainties. (Which a certain somebody I talked to, not on this thread though, can't seem to understand).

In any case, the question now is are they going to do anything DURING E3 (not at E3) or will they be totally silent during that time? I wonder...