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Forums - Movies Discussion - Project Luminous: The Future of Star Wars, details leaked

xbebop said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:

lol @1:25! They need to remind themselves that Star Wars should have droids, space battles, the force, etc. in it!? Also putting such irrelevances like representation/diversity/not pro-war does not give me hope they'll produce quality. Seriously, not pro-war? You are making entertainment, not a guide on how we should live our lives.

You do realize that most, if not all, of the greatest movies and TV shows have some sort of moral message behind them, right? 

Not some, all. A story is only a vehicle to convey the theme (point). 

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The ending of the Clone Wars animated show was absolutely amazing by the way. There's still some people at LucasArts left that know what they are doing.

Also rewatched Rise of Skywalker this week when it came out on Disney+, while I still feel it's the best of the sequel movies, excusing that it needs to make up for The Last Jedi at the start, I just can't get over the fact that you don't see the Force Ghosts of the Jedi at the end behind Rey. That's just such a no-brainer. To make it worse they even made every original actor come to the set and speak a line, so they might as well just dress them up as their character and shoot a minute of film while they're at it. They could've even made a point about how the Jedi will help Rey because "The Jedi are selfless and only care about others", tying in to Anakin's line from Episode III, while the Sith didn't do the same for Palpatine, even though Palpatine says that, because the Sith are only out for themselves. But I guess that required too much Star Wars knowledge to come up with while this script was written.

I also watched The Scorpion King yesterday because that happened to be on tv, you know the The Mummy spin-off with The Rock. Silly movie, but the funny part is, the main antagonist, Memnon, actually dies in a believable way; he's been extremely confident of his own abilities throughout the movie, and there's a scene where he catches an arrow. At the end when The Rock shoots an arrow he thinks he can just catch this arrow like before, which obviously fails and he gets hit. So, Memnon doesn't die because he's worse than The Rock or because The Rock's character is just that awesome (while, okay, the actor The Rock is awesome), but because he made a mistake overestimating himself. Unlike Palpatine, who just dies from his own reflected Force Lightning. Palpatine is actually great in the rest of the film, showing off how he's basically the Force God he's supposed to be, but if the ending just implied what I wrote above, it would've been more believable and in line with lore.

Anyway, ranting aside, this new project, I'm sceptical.