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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Trusted Reviews Top 25 Games Of The Past Decade - The Last Of Us No. 1

scottslater said:
Rafie said:

Hell no it's not the best game in history. The generation tho...I could agree with that. It was gorgeous and the gameplay was stellar. Then again, so was God Of War. I don't agree with Last of Us being #1, but I do believe it deserves a top 10 spot.

I'm more baffled at the fact that I didn't see Mario Odyssey in there.

What do you consider the "best" game in history? BotW (I just got it for Christmas, was holding out because I didn't want to be disappointed by it, wow was I wrong...) is quickly becoming my favorite game of all time.

Also, this list is terrible.

Well we all have differing opinions on what games would be the best in history. Games like FF7 or 8, The Witcher 3, Super Mario Galaxy, etc all come to mind when I'm thinking of games that could be the best in history. I personally don't have BoTW as the best in history at all. Of the generation...yes.

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Pretty shitty list overall but they got the #1 right.
There is no contest anyway, TLoU is really the undisputed king.