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How Well Will Xbox Series Do in Japan (LT Sales)?

Below OG Xbox 0 0%
Between OG Xbox & X36... 3 21.43%
Between OG Xbox & X360 (Closer to X360 8 57.14%
Above X360 3 21.43%

All I can say is that I find matched much faster as I did in Halo 4 or Reach. That's the data I need for myself

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I do find it likely that Halo Infinite has more players on Xbox than on PC. How many more, it's hard to say, but what I can tell you is that Halo Infinite debuted at I believe #4 on Steam in November with over 250k peak concurrent players, and has now fallen to #50 on Steam's most played games with 34k peak concurrent players in the last 24 hours. On the Xbox US Most Played games list, Halo Infinite has only fallen from #1 to #5 since release, not sure about other regions other than the US though. That does make it seem very unlikely that the PC and Xbox playerbases for Halo Infinite are anywhere near even, it seems to me like Halo Infinite probably has at least 4x more players on Xbox than it does on PC.

So I do think that his 150k Xbox+ PC peak concurrent players estimate for Halo Infinite as of early January is a bit low, it was probably closer to 250-300k peak concurrent as of the date he was using (January 9th I believe), which isn't terrible but very likely lower than Halo 3 and Reach at the same point in their lifecycles, about 2 months after release. It is beating Halo 4 at least. We lack data for comparison with Halo 5, all we have is a statement by Halo 5's community manager in July 2016, 9 months after launch, stating that the playerbase actually grew after release instead of shrinking like most multiplayer games, and stating that Halo 5 was bigger 9 months after release than Halo 4 and Halo Reach were at any point in their lifecycle, bigger even than when they launched. I found that claim dubious back in 2016 and still find it dubious as of today. I do think Halo 5 beat Halo 4 but I'm skeptical that it beat Reach. I feel like Halo 5 and Infinite are probably about even 2 months after release. 

Halo Infinite kept #1 spot yet again on chart. Dying game, eh?

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Ryuu96 said:

We getting some of them niche JRPGs. We gonna be getting Neptunia before [REDACTED] 4 and [REDACTED] 5. 

Downloaded though

Ryuu96 said:

That's awesome. I have them on steam but i will gladly get them on xbox if they bring the entire trilogy. Hoping for a port of Decadence.

Ryuu96 said:

This is nice , You guys should support these games and so the small japanese company can port their future upcoming games or else it'll be like guilty gear on xbox 360 until their is no future Guilty Gear on current xbox.

also meet Junko Enoshima :)

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Support Danganronpa now :), It's on Gamepass right now.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Ryuu96 said:

Good, always wanted to try this series, but unfortunately I missed my chance to grab the physical copy of all three games on Switch when it released last December. Will probably go with Xbox version now. I suppose the other two games will also release straight into GamePass at some point during the year.