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Ryuu96 said:

Phil is missing because they wouldn't let him answer with Destiny 2.

Judging by the picture there...somebody answered Destiny 2 anyway.

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Angelus said:
Ryuu96 said:

Phil is missing because they wouldn't let him answer with Destiny 2.

Judging by the picture there...somebody answered Destiny 2 anyway.

Lol, I went over it twice and didn't see it, oof.

Stein stole Phil's pick then!

January is looking damn good for Game Pass.

  • Nobody Saves the World
  • Spelunky 2
  • Hitman Trilogy
  • Rainbow Six Extraction.
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Awesome. I've always wanted to play the hitman games.

Is it going to be the version that has all games running in the latest or updated engine?

Spade said:
Ryuu96 said:

Man, another awful 1st half coming up, I know this will be the last time this happens but it sucks cause it happened in 2021 as well, Microsoft will have nothing until Summer at the earliest and even then I think Redfall will get a delay, no date still for anything from Xbox for the 1st half aside from 4 indies and Crossfire X, I expect Grounded to be Summer at the earliest too along with the rumoured Belfry and Pentiment release, absolutely everything crammed into Holiday again, Lol.

Game Pass subs are going to either drop or remain stagnant for the 1st half unless they do something about it, where is that big money set aside that Jeff was talking about? Get Dying Light 2 on Game Pass! Lol. We're in for a rough first half, almost no exclusives and no events until June.

Wait, why do you think this will be the last time they do this? MS has pretty much proven they release their big games during the Holiday season. 

Regardless, not a good look for xbox. Definitely kharma for some of the xbox trolls on twitter that attacked PS for not having anything this holiday, ooof. 

Because they have too many 1st party studios now to put everything into the holiday season. 1st party is now 23 studios, 30+ teams within those studios, and at least 18 teams which are AAA. With 18 or more AAA 1st party teams plus several AAA 2nd party games currently in development like Avalanche's Contraband and IOI's Project Dragon, it is simply not possible for Xbox to put all of their AAA games into the Holiday quarter or even into the 2nd half of the year from 2023 onward, they are going to have to start releasing AAA games in the first half of the year in 2023. Also I believe it was Booty who said the eventual goal at XGS was to release at least one AAA game per quarter.

Here are the 18 AAA first party teams I counted btw (there may be even more than 18):

  1. 343 industries- Just released Halo Infinite, which is planned to receive 10 years of singleplayer and multiplayer support, but there are also some reports they are working on a 2nd AAA Halo game, some kind of Halo spinoff
  2. The Coalition- They seem to have a AAA team doing early work on Gears 6 in addition to the AA team which is making their UE5 testbed game
  3. The Initiative- Partnered with Crystal Dynamics on Perfect Dark reboot
  4. inXile- They are working on a AAA RPG currently
  5. Ninja Theory- They seem to have made the move from AA to AAA on Hellblade 2, as they have increased their team size and are taking at least a year longer to make the game than was originally expected
  6. Obsidian- Their Avowed team is AAA
  7. Playground Racing- Just released Forza Horizon 5, if their schedule holds they will release Horizon 6 in 2024 most likely
  8. Playground RPG- Working on the AAA Fable reboot
  9. Turn 10- Working on the Forza Motorsport reboot, which is rumored to work like Halo Infinite, receiving car and track DLC throughout the generation instead of numbered sequels being released throughout the generation  
  10. Undead Labs- All evidence suggests they are expanding from AA to AAA on State of Decay 3
  11. Arkane Lyon- Just released Deathloop, their next game should land around 2024 or 2025 most likely
  12. Arkane Austin- Working on Redfall
  13. Bethesda Game Studios- Working on Starfield for 2022, with a 2nd, smaller team which has been working on Elder Scrolls 6 since 2018
  14. id Software- Released Doom Eternal in 2020, their next game should land around 2024 most likely
  15. MachineGames- Working on Indiana Jones currently, with a possibility of a 2nd team working on Wolfenstein 3
  16. Tango Gameworks #1- Working on Ghostwire Tokyo
  17. Tango Gameworks #2- Working on a new game under the Evil Within 2 director for years now (most likely Evil Within 3)
  18. Zenimax Online Studios new AAA team- Working on a AAA game for more than a year now, varying reports on rather it is a new IP or Star Wars Mandalorian game
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Ryuu96 said:

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aTokenYeti said:
Ryuu96 said:

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Okay, that was funny.

Game Pass is already delivering this year. Hitman is exactly what I need. Can you play all the Hitman 1&2 levels in Hitman 3?