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You Can Only Pick One: WoW or FFXIV on Xbox?

WoW 6 33.33%
FFXIV 12 66.67%

Disliking isometric games is a character flaw

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Angelus said:

Disliking isometric games is a character flaw

Can't say I agree. Personal preference is just that, personal preference. I just can't say I've had many great experiences with isometric games over the years personally. My first ever isometric games were Sonic 3D Blast by Traveler's Tales/TT Games (which was a hateful game that controlled like ass on my Sega Genesis), and EA's Strike Series games (which 6-8 year old me was terrible at). It wasn't until Age of Empires 2 released in 1999 that I played an isometric game that was actually fun, and it remains one of the few isometric games I actually like. Can't say I've ever liked any of the isometric RPG's I have tried (Fallout 1, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2, etc.). I just don't see the appeal of isometric RPG's, the graphical detail is inferior to 3D RPG's, the artwork tends to be lesser than 2D RPG's (which usually either have gorgeous hand drawn characters and backgrounds, or retro 16 bit artwork), you get less control of your character than in 3D RPG's, the UI tends to look messy. 

I'm going to attempt to give isometric RPG's another chance when Diablo 4 hits Gamepass though, as it seems like my best chance of actually liking an isometric RPG.

Only played Divine Divinity but then their were not that many 3D rpg's yet. Really would not like an isometric RPG aswell. I prefer RPG's from the first person Camera.

Angelus said:

Disliking isometric games is a character flaw

^ 100% THAT :) ahah

I personally would love to see an isometric fallout. See no reason to always do first person as the franchise can appeal to other gamers with its universe.

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Gamers. Stop.

Well, I guess I'm done.  I had an achievement in the Hidden Ones DLC that won't pop after fully completing it. Common glitch.  I started the game over from the beginning on Saturday and tried to quick level up to where I need to be to try again.  I played Sunday as well and made it to level 20.  I need to be around level 40 and with the amount of time needed to reinvest I'm calling it done. Not to mention a 2nd attempt doesn't guarantee it will pop. 

I'll be starting Elden Ring in a couple of hours. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Xbox kicked ass last year, first time in Metacritic history that a publisher averaged over 85 for the year. 

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Just renewed my Game Pass Ultimate subscribtion for 3 years for 91 Euro.

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