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Thoughts on Jez Corden's Microsoft showcase predictions? Surprised he doesn't think Forza Motorsport or Marcus Fenix Collection would be included.

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gtotheunit91 said:

Wait, what?

Entirely possible that the sequel to Fable reboot is already in pre-production, and this position is for that. Either that or it's old job posting language from years ago that they forgot to update when copy-pasting. No way Fable reboot is still early development when development began in 2017 xD

gtotheunit91 said:

Thoughts on Jez Corden's Microsoft showcase predictions? Surprised he doesn't think Forza Motorsport or Marcus Fenix Collection would be included.

Yeah, there are 2 very strange predictions by him there. Very little chance that Forza Motorsport isn't there, as a Holiday 2022 release it would already have 1 year more active development than any earlier Forza Motorsport game got, and that is on top of the new tech Turn 10 designed to speed up car and track development. Even if it's not a Q4 2022 release, but rather Q2 or Q3 2023, it would still make sense to show off some early gameplay footage at the showcase.

Meanwhile Jez thinks there is a chance of Everwild being there, when development supposedly restarted from scratch less than a year ago, and the game is not expected to release until 2024? What are they going to show, more meaningless concept stuff that will have nothing to do with how the game will actually play at launch? Better to save it until the year before it releases, or better, the year it releases. 

The rest of his expectations make sense to me. They will definitely show Starfield and Redfall to assuage concerns over them being delayed. They will definitely show Pentament if it is indeed releasing this year. Belfry should be shown regardless of rather the Q4 2022 or Q1-Q2 2023 rumors are true. Grounded and Sea of Thieves will definitely have updates on either the main show or some kind of pre or post show. Diablo 4 would make sense to show at Xbox show if Sony hasn't already hatted marketing on it. Project Midnight should be ready for at least a teaser reveal after 2.5 years of full development on it. Avowed will definitely be shown in some capacity, even if it's only an early in-engine trailer. 


That job posting is likely a generic copy/paste, can't always make em unique when you have to post hundreds

But I don't expect Fable until Holiday 24+

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So Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox huh.

Ride The Chariot

Better fix this, I'm hearing a lot lately that there's a shortage of talent in the industry and companies are being really aggressive now in trying to poach talent, I know Microsoft's employee benefits are really good but the pay should be competitive too, they can't afford to lose employees in the current climate.

It's nice to see their pay is increasing, FWIW I've seen a lot of senior Microsoft employees (not Xbox specifically) leaving the company recently, folk who have been there for years and years, leaving to join companies like Google and Apple, I'd say it's normal but it has happened quite a lot lately so I can't help wonder if this pay increase is a reaction to that.

Similar to Bandai and Capcom increasing their average employee pay.

This too.

Ryuu96 said:

This too.

As long as you are able to get your work done, I see nothing wrong with working from home. 

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