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Most Wanted Remake/Remaster?

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 7 20.59%
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2 5.88%
Fallout 3 0 0.00%
Fallout: New Vegas 5 14.71%
Halo 3 3 8.82%
Gears 2 1 2.94%
Fable II 1 2.94%
Lost Odyssey 8 23.53%
Banjo-Kazooie 2 5.88%
Other 5 14.71%
Spade said:
Ryuu96 said:

They opened a new studio in Canada, people are speculating where the money is coming from, plus Dontnod would be a good acquisition.

However I don't think it means anything, same speculation happened when IO Interactive opened a new studio and it didn't mean anything, plus Dontnod is a public company, if Microsoft has acquired them, we would know about it instantly.

Jez's speech on it during yesterdays podcast was great and fully convinced me that they will be console exclusives now, for a number of reasons.

1. Seems like Microsoft is more worried about Amazon than Sony now, Microsoft in order to counter Amazon needs to grow Game Pass/xCloud and you can't grow Game Pass on platforms it isn't on, which is Playstation consoles, if you make them exclusive to platforms where Game Pass is though, like Xbox and PC, folk are more likely to try out Game Pass.

2. Microsoft needs to make their money back is a statement used but it isn't really an accurate one, $7.5bn is nothing to Microsoft, they're a $1.5tn company with $136b in cash on hand, they make more than $7.5bn in profit every quarter, this is pocket change to them.

Ontop of that, these companies don't really want money just sitting there doing nothing, they want to make more money, if the profit they make from Zenimax exceeds the interest they make on $7.5bn sitting in the bank, they will jump on the opportunity to get rid of the cash.

3. People saying Microsoft needs to, they don't, they're a business, there's no niceness in this, Sony and Microsoft might respect each other but Amazon sure as shit doesn't respect Microsoft, they don't care about the gaming industry, they don't care about Microsoft, if they could they would destroy Microsoft so Microsoft can't really afford to play nice for Sony's sake, they need to make Game Pass/xCloud as lucrative as possible.

And if Sony acquired Zenimax would people really be asking Sony to do the same? I doubt it.

Guess we should be thanking Amazon for finally giving MS some real competition :) 

Hope they buy another decent size studio up. Don't even care if it's Crapcom. 

Xbox vs PlayStation was a good competition but now it feels like this is more a Microsoft vs Amazon thing, I doubt Xbox would have acquired Zenimax or be receiving this massive support if Amazon wasn't entering the market, Microsoft has a fierce rivalry with Amazon for years now. Cloud businesses are huge for them both and rapidly growing, Amazon is currently ahead of Microsoft and Microsoft doesn't want to fall too far behind.

If it was just about Game Pass then I think Microsoft would be contempt with growing it slowly because the console wars is a small fight in comparison to the Cloud one, and they wouldn't be much reason to rush given Sony doesn't really have anything close to xCloud/Game Pass but in the past few years Xbox has rapidly grown to huge levels.

Phil himself said Amazon is the main competition to Xbox now and Amazon isn't going to give a crap about playing nice so Microsoft needs to prepare (better safe than sorry when your competition is a trillion market cap company).

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Immersiveunreality said:
EspadaGrim said:

Alanah Pearce’s latest video on wether Bethesda games should be Xbox exclusive is really bad, I know that she is trying to be impartial but MS should not be helping Sony at all especially when they are being scum bags and money-hatting games from big publishers and her takes on the idea of Exclusive games as a whole just seems like a pointless conversation to have.

Jez really seems to be the only person who actually gets the full picture and is actually informed about the deal and the state of the gaming industry as a whole, many of these so called gaming journalists are embarrassing to listen to and it’s incredible that they are being paid when I see people who are more informed on these forums.

It's a bit misplaced calling competitors of Microsoft moneyhatters when it is used in defense of a company that has never shied away from such behaviour.

Alanah Pearce mostly comes off as pretty neutral yes but i do think she has more knowledge of the financial side of things than most youtubers have, can you give a link for that jez guy so i can compare opinions? 

Thing is, Microsoft attempted to call a truce on moneyhatting in the console war. After the backlash he received for Rise of the Tomb Raider back in 2015, Phil said that he would no longer moneyhat big 3rd party exclusives, and he kept his word for the rest of the generation, he even allowed the studios that he bought to finish their current projects that were planned for PS4/PS5. Phil played nice in the console war. And what did Sony do in response to Phil deciding to play nice? They went right for Microsoft's throat, timed hat deals on FF7 Remake, FF16, Project Athia, Deathloop, and Ghostwire Tokyo just so far (they may have more that have yet to be announced), not to mention Spider-Man being exclusive to PS in Square's Avengers game. After Sony continued to play dirty pool with moneyhats, I think it's time for Phil to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy, if Sony is going to be ruthless and go right for Microsoft's throat, be ruthless right back and don't allow any of these Zenimax game on PS except for the 2 MMO's and the 2 that Sony had already hatted.

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We've passed 12,000 posts! Tracking ahead of the goal for 1,000 (average) posts per month for the year. If we hit 14,000 posts by the end of 2020 we'll be on track to surpass the previous Empire's record of 28,000 (4 years, 7 months) in roughly 2 years, should surpass it in half the time at least. 👍

#7 thread on VGChartz.

City Connection, a JP developer, has decided to start releasing on Xbox. Deathsmiles 1 and 2 and the Psikyo shmup collection are hitting Xbox. These are all of the games in the shmup collection:

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Ryuu96 said:

We've passed 12,000 posts! Tracking ahead of the goal for 1,000 (average) posts per month for the year. If we hit 14,000 posts by the end of 2020 we'll be on track to surpass the previous Empire's record of 28,000 (4 years, 7 months) in roughly 2 years, should surpass it in half the time at least. 👍

#7 thread on VGChartz.

Keep providing the free snacks and I’ll be here.

#7? Bungie acquisition confirmed

Interesting read. I'm not 100% sold on Xbox's strategy for Japan next gen (I still think they need some big JP 3rd party moneyhats or JP 2nd party deals, or JP 1st party acquisitions if they want to make a dent in Japan), but it's a hell of a lot better than the non-strategy they had in Japan with XB1 on release.

MS shall release their games on PS while a game like Avengers can't even have Spider-Man. MS even released Minecraft Dungeons on PS while Sony pays dev after dev to take games away from Xbox. Sounds fair how most gamers and journalists try to tell MS how they have to be nice to Sony , lol

Sony has not only done this to Microsoft, but to Nintendo too.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Stellar_Fungk said:
Sony has not only done this to Microsoft, but to Nintendo too.

Yeah, I'm convinced that Sony hatted Persona 5 away from Switch. Just look at how Persona 5 Scramble, the Omega Force developed sequel to Persona 5, is on Switch, but both Persona 5 and it's updated version, Persona 5 Royal, still aren't on Switch.