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Which August XGS Title Are You Most Looking Forward to Playing?

Battletoads 6 24.00%
Tell Me Why 5 20.00%
Wasteland 3 8 32.00%
Flight Simulator 6 24.00%

** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by trunkswd **


OpenCritic Prediction - Ori and the Will of the Wisps

50 or Less 0 $0.00 0.00%
51 - 55 0 $0.00 0.00%
56 - 60 0 $0.00 0.00%
61 - 65 0 $0.00 0.00%
66 - 70 0 $0.00 0.00%
71 - 75 0 $0.00 0.00%
76 - 80 0 $0.00 0.00%
81 - 85 0 $0.00 0.00%
86 - 90 5 $969.00 35.71%
91 or Over 9 $2,621.72 64.29%
Totals: 14 $3,590.72  
Game closed: 03/08/2020

I still think they’re getting rid of Gold but will just roll MP into GamePass and open up F2P games like Sony has.

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LudicrousSpeed said:
I still think they’re getting rid of Gold but will just roll MP into GamePass and open up F2P games like Sony has.

I hope not. I've already spoken with several more casual Xbox fans who told me that they will probably switch to PS5 if Microsoft effectively doubles the price of online play (12 months of Gamepass is $120 compared to $60 for 12 months of Gold/PS+). Increasing the price of online play would be a great way to drive away the casuals who aren't that interested in Gamepass. They have the opportunity for Xbox Series to be the king system for casuals next gen between the low price of Lockhart and free online play, I hope they don't blow that chance.

shikamaru317 said:
Ryuu96 said:
Jez Corden is reiterating that Sony is going on moneyhat mode, will be major third party exclusive moneyhats and him/Rand suggested FF16.

MS needs to do some 3rd party moneyhatting of their own, especially since 2021 is looking light on AAA exclusives for Xbox, Sony already announced 4 AAA 3rd party moneyhats with rumors of at least 3 more on the August State of Play. There are several likely/possible 2021 multiplats that either aren't announced yet or don't have platforms announced yet that MS could go for:

  • Starfield (been in active development since late 2015, likely 2021 release as Bethesda said it was a cross-gen game)
  • Batman (been in active development since at least October 2018, possibly longer, rumored for August announce, likely 2021 release)
  • Suicide Squad (been in active development since at least 2016, rumored for August announce, likely 2021 release)
  • Harry Potter RPG (been in active development since early 2017, rumored for 2021 release)
  • Saints Row 5/reboot (been in active development since early 2015, likely 2021 release)
  • Mainline Battlefield game (confirmed for 2021)
  • Dragon Age 4 (the current version of the game has been in development since October 2018, but is reusing some assets from the first build of the game that began development in 2015, which should speed development some, possible 2021 though likely 2022 release)
  • Mass Effect Trilogy remaster/remake (rumored 2021 release)
  • Bioshock 4 (the current version of the game has been in development early 2017, but may be reusing some assets from the first version that began development in 2015, which would speed development, likely 2021 release)
  • Red Dead Redemption 1 remake on RDR2 engine (rumored for 2021 release)

Lots to pick from, but MS needs to act fast on these. 

Can only see Starfield, Saints Row 5, Mass Effect Trilogy, Bioshock 4 as possibilities.

Square Enix is a lot smaller than a lot of these companies and quite frankly more desperate for money - Starfield could be an exception since Bethesda right now seems risk averse after a few flops, they might not be willing to take a gamble on an AAA New RPG IP.

AT&T licenses, while AT&T are desperate for money I think they'd be able to see that keeping the licenses multiplatform will result in more money in the long term, Square Enix knows that most of its sales happen on PS consoles too.

Saints Row could be fairly easy given THQ Nordic aren't that big yet.

Anything mainline from EA is unlikely, except the trilogy remasters cause those are small beans.

Bioshock 4, 50/50 on that one.

shikamaru317 said:
Ryuu96 said:
Side-note, I hope Microsoft buying f*cking TikTok doesn't get in the way of any potential WB acquisition, both of which would cost a lot of money.

TikTok can go die in a ditch xD Stupid platform.

Could it be used to market Xbox in any way? Think that’s the battlefield in social media. They partnered with Facebook and Instagram right 



Ryuu96 said:

oh that's awesome. Looks like they removed the region lock on 360 games and DLCs as well. At least it seems like you can buy the stuff from a foreign store. Not sure if those DLCs would work with another version though...

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Guessing we'll get some announcement next week about what they're doing with the store given we can see it with our own eyes right now as it happens.

Ehh let PS get the moneyhats, I'll just buy the superior Xbox version later. Would rather MS focus on first party, possibly more studio buyouts, and their own games with game pass.

Undisputed Gamer BAY BAY 

Maybe Multiplayer is going free but active Gold subs will be rolled into Gamepass for the duration of their time, so if you have a 1 year Gold sub they'll change it to 1 year of Gamepass, could be why there seems to be some conflicting rumours about Gold being merged into Gamepass, it may only be for the remaining duration of Gold subs?