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Kind of wish they would just fully focus on SoD3

I suppose some of this could be laying the groundwork for State of Decay 3.

Anyway it's an Open Beta coming to Steam, no NDAs, apparently 3 big updates coming.

Feel like Undead Labs needs to double in size if they want to support SoD2 for another couple years whilst working on SoD3 which will presumably be AAA.

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Sounds like SOD3 is a 2023+ game.

Ryuu96 said:

Think Microsoft from now on will focus on studios with major IP which would naturally include publishers, I also agree with Rand that Matt Booty is likely at his operational capacity so it's unlikely XGS will grow much larger, maybe Bethesda could add a couple but only if the idea comes from them I think.

They'll want studios that can give them content to Game Pass overnight and major IPs to push Game Pass further, combined with the fact that as I said having money in the bank right now isn't good from what I'm reading, I think they'll be happy to make a few more big splashes on gaming.

They'll be added the same way as Bethesda, as their own division to make things as smooth as possible, I don't have a clue which, if any, they will acquire though but I'd say maybe anything under $10bn is a possibility.

Thinking about independent studios with major IP that aren't publishers, not many come to mind; Techland...Bungie...Idk, I just think Xbox is done acquiring studios like Obsidian, Double Fine, etc. Talented studios but don't really have huge IPs to their name.

I can see them acquiring another publisher the size of Bethesda and like with Bethesda letting them just run themselves with some help across studios. The only real difference for the publisher acquired for the publishers themselves would be their games being Xbox/PC exclusive and day one on Game Pass. 

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jason1637 said:

Sounds like SOD3 is a 2023+ game.

Expected as much honestly. I don't think they immediately started on it after releasing SoD 2, instead opting to release DLC and updates for SoD 2 first. Probably didn't enter active development until at least late 2019, and considering that they still haven't expanded the studio much since announcing SoD 3 last July, it makes sense that it won't release until 2023 or 2024. 

It was in early pre-production as of its reveal in 2020, it's definitely not releasing until 24 at the earliest, hell maybe even 25 at the earliest given how slow Undead Labs tends to be.

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As much as I want to play a AAA SoD I’m much more interested to see what Undead Labs are going to do outside of that IP, at least we are getting something new from Compulsion.

Both those studios have a lot to prove because they don’t have the history and experience of of the other XGS teams.

This is something that has low-key bothered me about Mojang for a while, I love Minecraft but I feel like it could add so much more, especially being one of the biggest IPs in the world but it feels sometimes like Mojang moves at a snails pace, I don't think it's a funding issue but I don't know, there's just some odd decisions Mojang have made over the years.

  • Minecraft isn't even Series X enhanced, not even Series S enhanced, in fact, it isn't even One X enhanced, Lol.
  • Still no ray tracing on Series X despite the tease, it's nowhere in sight.
  • Cancelling the Super Duper Graphics Pack, I could understand Xbox One being too weak for it but why not make it One X/Series X exclusive?
  • Minecraft Dungeons was a fun game but it definitely launched with a lack of content for the type of game it was.
  • Minecraft Earth was shut down, in the middle of a pandemic, as if Mojang couldn't 'afford' to keep running it for a little longer to try to recover it, most folk didn't even know it had left early access (if it ever did?).
  • There's so much MOB potential, kind of crap that in some of the MOB votes the losers will be scrapped entirely.
  • Not sure why Minecraft Dungeons is not on Steam, I can understand why Minecraft isn't as it's so massive it doesn't need Steam which will take a cut of the profits but I think the spinoffs could perhaps benefit more than not from Steam.

I'm also of the opinion that every unannounced title Mojang is currently working on will all be Minecraft spinoffs because it is safer, I don't really have an issue with that, as I love Minecraft, I know others would rather new IPs but I don't suspect that is the case, I just hope whatever they launch next has a decent amount of content.

Studio has like 600+ employees, of course though, keeping Minecraft updated on so many platforms, on multiple different engines isn't an easy task and requires a large workforce, I'm not entirely sure what platforms are still supported (I think One/PS4/360/PS3 are dead), so I think now it's Bedrock PC/XB/PS/Switch/Mobile, Java PC and Minecraft China? But wasn't the purpose of Bedrock to bring most of them in line and make development easier.

Can't Microsoft get 4J Studios to do the Graphics updates? Idk. It's a missed opportunity too cause Minecraft is a great showcase for how much of a difference raytracing can be, which would be a nice showcase for Series X.

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Agreed. I've been watching a few Minecraft videos lately of PC players using a shader pack called SEUS.
Lighting, rain and water look insanely good. Looks like absolute garbage on consoles in comparison.

Man I need to get back into SoD2. I beat the game once but it's gotten so many updates and free new content. I bought the Ultimate Edition and thoroughly enjoyed the game, never understood the hate it got but IIRC some people experienced some bad bugs that I was lucky enough to avoid.

Minecraft definitely does need to have the Super Duper Graphics pack revived, for PC and Series S/X only. Really hope they announce that at E3 this year. MS are fools if they don't make that happen, exclusivity on a big graphical update would be a good way to get PS and Switch Minecraft users to want to migrate over to Xbox,