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Current rumor got Tales of Arise day 1 on game pass, seen it on 2 different sources today (on twitter).

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InkIt said:

Current rumor got Tales of Arise day 1 on game pass, seen it on 2 different sources today (on twitter).

That would be great. 

The value of Gamepass games I have played so far this year is $243, but some of them are currently on the Spring Sale so they would cost more normally. For instance Soul Calibur 6 is currently on sale for $10, but has a list price of $60 normally. 

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Tales of Arise on Game Pass would make sense but I don't particularly trust one of the sources saying it, the other one I've never heard of before so who knows.

He also says Persona 5 is coming to Xbox/PC on Game Pass, announcement soon but eh, Shepshal Ed basically said that, Lol.

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Well I was planning on buying Tales of Arise (also Digimon Survive and Scarlet Nexus)

But I like saving money so hope it's real lol

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ice said:

Well I was planning on buying Tales of Arise (also Digimon Survive and Scarlet Nexus)

But I like saving money so hope it's real lol

Same.  It'll be an incredible get if Arise is GP Day One.  I'm a bit doubtful of the rumor though.

Guys what you think?
Brian fargo creator of fallout 1 and 2 make a fallout 1 remake for new generation?
Brian fargo is he the original , if so should he be reintroduce fallout what it meant back then?
Brian fargo is in inxile
they made wasteland 3
remake fallout 1 in 3d and first person rpg?
I love that Microsoft owns inxile ,obsidian and bethesda maybe all 3 can make a fallout 5 go further?

Obsidian adds what made fallout new vegas a monster, and bethesda adds what made fallout 3 and 4 explode too.all 3 brain storm fallout 5 to be The best fallout all

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I game on all consoles and PC

Think of it like this. inxile is like the ones who are old school Nintendo that made Super Metroid while both Obsidian and bethesda evolved the series comparable to retro studio's that made metroid prime games , all 3 companies make the biggest fallout and the story is from bethesda and obsidian while brian fargo explains the story more from fallout lore back then and just like retro studios that did Metroid prime trilogy, obsidian and bethesda still do the story , like george lucas + disney except obsidian and bethesda both don't suck they make the main story.

I game on all consoles and PC

derpysquirtle64 said:
Ryuu96 said:

True, but that's more Smilegate contracting Remedy out, Microsoft doing the deal with Smilegate, and it'll be a timed exclusive. I think Remedy is done with Xbox at this point unfortunately.

I doubt Remedy is really done with Xbox at this point, it's more like Sony willing to money hat exclusivity and Remedy being in a position where they need such deals. Microsoft probably not as interested into making deals with Remedy, so Sony has no competition here.

Ryuu96 said:

Oh and Tbh I would prefer Remedy on a personal level but Kojima is probably a bigger mic drop moment, that dude has a cult, Lol.

I love Remedy and actually it's a hard choice for me between Kojima and Remedy, but Kojima is clearly way bigger deal than anything Remedy can put out.

EspadaGrim said:

Phil needs to try to lock down Kojima for more than one game, If MS can somehow manage to acquire them in the future it would be huge in their efforts try to acquire more Japanese talent.

Kojima is the most non-Japanese Japanese creator you can think of though. He is a guy heavily influenced by Western media. So, yeah, I would say that if MS really wants to up their Japanese support, it would be better to follow other creators from Japan who make more Japanese-styled games and not Western-styled like Kojima.

EspadaGrim said:

Want to know the conditions of Sony’s deal with Remedy, it would be weird for them to make a deal where they wouldn’t own the IP.

Timed console exclusivity most likely, which means that there is no issues with Remedy owning an IP.

EspadaGrim said:

Xbox can give him 2 things that other publishers might not be willing to, 1. A real AAA budget and 2. Creative Freedom.

The fact that his cancelled game was supposed to be Stadia exclusive shows that Sony very likely passed on him which is surprising because they did deals with Jade Raymond’s studio and now we hear that Remedy are also doing an exclusive.

XGP better not screw this one up and treat this guy like a king.

I can be wrong, but I think Sony was disappointed in Death Stranding's performance, so they made a decision not to waste money on Kojima anymore. With all the marketing budgets they were throwing at this game, I think they expected it to sell around 10m. In the end it sold around half of that, which is way less than any other Sony published AAA blockbuster.

Machiavellian said:

Without knowing any specifics of the deal and why Valve would seek out MS to bring Gamepass to Steam who really knows how it will affect their business.  It all depends on what Valve is looking for or how they are looking to expand Steam.  Who knows, could be some money making Voltron team up or something.  At the end of the day, its just a rumor and probably could be just some punk kid blog throwing around wishful thinking fantasy matchups.

Sounds like extremely tough thing to make unless Microsoft doesn't create a GamePass tier with only their own games in it. Hard to see how MS and Valve will cooperate on curating the game roster. The issue is that the point of GamePass for Microsoft is to have full control over it. Kinda hard to do on a platform you don't own.

MS needs subs and a lot of them to make Gamepass the solution they are looking for.  Steam has a huge community which if done right could definitely increase subs for MS.  The big issue would be where does it benefit Steam.  If its a one to one partnership then all kinds of avenues open up and it would be a huge consolidation on the PC.  It would avoid regulation if MS was trying to purchase Valve while still getting the benefit.  Who knows, maybe MS is looking to drop their store and make Valve the official store instead which would give a huge boost even to Valve.

Most of VGC was down for like 12 hours for me, the home page would sometimes load but most of the forum pages wouldn't open. Glad it's finally back online now.