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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FINAL FANTASY VII Remake - HYPE Thread!

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Are you hyped for FFVII Remake?

Hell yes! 32 52.46%
Not hyped 7 11.48%
I want to get pinned on Cloud.. 1 1.64%
PS5 version! 7 11.48%
PC version! 6 9.84%
XBOX! 5 8.20%
PS4/PS5/PC and XBOX versions! 3 4.92%
Hiku said:
pikashoe said:

That doesn't really hold up very well. I've been saying that its cool if you like it but the people that have an issue with it are valid in there criticism. Nothing particularly trollish in that is there? 

I don't think I've been particularly harsh on the game either, my only issues are with the story and pricing. From the demo the gameplay seemed fun and the graphics were gorgeous. I can't comment on much else as I haven't played the full game (I have seen a lot of gameplay and the ending on youtube)

I have to ask why are you defending someone that has been rude, obnoxious and dismissive to anyone that disagrees with him about this game? 

I don't know what issues you have with Deskpro to be exact, but you can raise them with the mod team. You shouldn't be condescending towards him about his game purchase.

And I don't imagine you've read every issue people have expressed. Either way, proclaiming that they're all valid seems questionable.
I've heard a fair share of comments that seem unreasonable, including your "1/3 of a game", or how you think the price should be lower.

What is your reasoning for that? You say you haven't played the game, so it seems to be based on your expectations of how much of the original 'game' (I put Game in quotation because most of what we saw in the original was not in-game, and that's important) is in this one. The new extra stuff is surplus we never asked for, that could have been content from the original instead, is that right?

If so, you are severely overlooking why it's so problematic to remake the original.
I think I'll make a thread explaining why later. But the jist of it is that back then they used various shortcuts to create a scope far beyond what was possible or reasonable. Midgar for example. And the huge amount of time they saved not having to design so many things in the original thanks to pre-rendered backgrounds, fixed camera angles, etc, or even have them run and function properly on the hardware, they could spend expanding the world further. That's why it was so huge and epic. It would have been a much shorter game otherwise, and an actual Midgar would have looked like crap.

Well now they actually are forced to design all those things, and make them run and function on the PS4. And the amount of work needed for all that seems  underestimated by a lot of people.

Let me put it this way. Even if this Remake was in PS1 graphics, just a free moving camera alone would double/triple/quadruple, etc the workload for environments, because it increases the amount of objects in view by that amount. Objects they could, and did, leave out entirely before. What was behind Seventh Heaven? Who knows because we couldn't see it. Did Aerith's church only have 2 walls?
Assuming the PS1 version was already at a full game's budget, that means the game would either be cut short proportionally, or go over budget significantly.

And we're not dealing with PS1 graphics any more. Nor are expressionless faces, no voice acting, invisible enemies, or cities on the world map the size of postal stamps acceptable in 2020. But fans demand they remake something that was never reasonable as one game to begin with, in one game's budget anyway.

I'll go into specifics with images and examples in the thread, but I wanted to bring this up with you mainly to hear your reasoning, in case there's something interesting to consider.

For like 20 years SE said they wouldn't do a remake of FFVII because it was unfeasible (besides that "we are only going to remake it when we have made a game that is superior to it").

They couldn't really put all FFVII on a current engine/platform on PS3 and even on PS4 they claimed that.

So now they found a way to make something that may or may not be good, we will only really know when it is finished, so we can appreciate that and support buying or not liking and keep playing the original game. The rest is just people basically moaning that their sacred game was villified (well, that game still exist and is playable even with upgrades that they made for the remaster, plus you can even use mods to make it look even better).

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Vodacixi said:
pikashoe said:

What does that have to do with price, many games have more or less content and are sold at the same price. The full experience is going to cost €180 at least if you buy the games new. In my personal opinion that is too much for a remake. If that is fine for you great, I can respect that, but it isn't for me personally.

Those issues are valid. The game was advertised one way and has turned out differently that is a valid complaint. Those people are criticising what they know about the game which is the story. None of these people were trying to force there opinions of the games on anyone else. As I and others have said if you like the story and changes that's fine, but don't dismiss the complaints as invalid just because you have a different opinion.

I hope you enjoy and love the game man but you aren't going to change the way I feel about the changes to the story.

Look, I dislike how the game turned out to be and Square Enix (and some reviewers) are a bunch of liars. BUT, this thread is about people hyped about this game. They share their enthusiasm for a game they have been anticipating for years. And they are happy to spend a lot of money in the biggest collector's edition they could find because they are just so thrilled about it.

You coming here to try to stop this good vibes and overall positive atmosphere is not welcomed and it's completely off topic. So, I suggest you to let people enjoy themselves here and go somewhere else to throw shit at the game. Or to people who are hyped about it.

Oh I misread the thread title, i thought this was just a general discussion of the game. 

I didn't realise this was a hype thread, I'm sorry for bringing negativity here. Although I've said multiple times that I am not trying to make people not like the game or change people's minds, so I think that the wave of negative comments seem a tad ott.
I'm just going to address all the comments here, My issue with the price is still valid. I don't think the entire 3 parts should cost $60 altogether or anything, just that all 3 parts shouldn't be full price. I'd be fine with each part being about $40 each. This is my personal opinion if you feel differently that is fine. I won't take that away from you.
Donferrari you have been told over and over again that people don't mind changes to the game that the issue is with changing the core plot. Everyone knew there would be changes. People thought that those changes would be to expand on the original not change it completely. Those opinions are valid, I'm not trying to change how you I just think that you should acknowledge that it is understandable for people to have this opinion. I don't want to argue with you I just wanted you to understand why people have a different opinion to you. 
Hiku I never said that all criticisms of the game were valid, i was talking about people from a different thread that had issues with the game, i should have been more clear on that.
I'll admit that my initial comment may have come across poorly but I was only doing it in jest and didn't mean for it to be taken as seriously as it has been. I apologise. Guys I hope that you all enjoy the game and it was never my intention to take away from your enjoyment of the game.

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Shiva is hot. It reminds me of the art by Yoshitaka Amano.

I have been a Final Fantasy fan my whole life, especially for the series from the first to the 10th. Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games ever made along with Ocarina of time, it's interesting that they came out at so similar a time. The thing I am looking forward to about this game, whether I play it or not, is how much it does justice to the magic of the original game, contrarily to how most of the FFVII extra media (movies and side-stories) didn't really. This game though looks big and I really think it'll be great.

I may not play it, but I'm really hyped for it, for gaming in general it will be a good thing.

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Tifa is so beautiful and nice. Really liking her more than I already did before.

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I wonder if all installments of this project will launch with a 1 year Sony exclusivity or just this one.

youngbr said:
Tifa is so beautiful and nice. Really liking her more than I already did before.

As a kid I never liked Aerith. now, after only that first scene with her, I am not sure I'm gonna be able to handle her death in game 2...and furthermore, I really hope they do what I'm thinking they might do and completely change the second half of the story by....saving her? 

I have my theories based on what we've seen so far, and a small part of me genuinely thinks and hopes that, given the divergence from the path of the original game, there's a small chance that we might see the story go in a completely different direction by the end, one of the changes being that Aerith survives.

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I'm in chapter 4, and I'm blown the frack away. Just finished the 1 on 1 dual with Roche. The music, combat, mechanics.. it's all great thus far. Everything is fun, I just wish I have more free time to play.

To be nitpicking, the con will be the texture on Cloud's door into his apartment.