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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War (4), The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, which will be the best PS4 game?


You choose!

God of War (4) 6 20.00%
The Last of Us Part II 16 53.33%
Ghost of Tsushima 8 26.67%
MTZehvor said:
BraLoD said:

The poll is about my original question, so no, I can't make it more than 3 options when I'm talking about 3 games.

But everyone is free to say anything about other games too, even if not the ones I choose to talk about, just not participate in the actual thread poll.

Forgive me, but I'm a little curious on what the poll is about then. Your original question, "I'm REALLY looking foward to TLoU2 and GoT, and both have actual chances of dethroning GoW4 from my favorite PS4 game, but what about you?" at least to me, seems like it's asking about people's favorite PS4 game, and whether TLoU2/GoT could realistically dethrone it. Feel free to correct me if I've interpreted that wrong.

Restricting people's options to only three potential possibilities, seems counterintuitive, as it kind of assumes that everyone really enjoys God of War (otherwise dethroning it isn't much of an accomplishment). What would the question even wind up being for someone who doesn't enjoy GoW substantially? "Which out of these three PS4 games do you think you'll enjoy the most: One title you didn't like a lot, or two that haven't even released yet?"

Certainly your poll, so you're free to do with it as you wish, but broadening it a bit seems to make more sense at least to me.

The thread is up to discussion to any game, I'm not restricting anyone on picking their favorite game, actually I answered people confused about exclusives that you can pick any game on PS4, you are free to talk about any PS4 game you like the most.

The poll is about the main point of the thread, those three games, that I made sure to make clear in the thread title too.

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God of War 4 is going to be a hard one to top for me. I do not have much faith in TLoU2 dethroning it either.

Ghost of T I will need to see more of, but for now my vote goes to my 2018 GotY.

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After playing Shadows die twice I doubt GOT will be able to top it. The combat in Sekiro is so clean and well done I don't see any samuraisword game ever topping it. The one on one battles feel like something straight out of an anime it's insane. I tried to go back to Nioh after that and it was a joke of a game. The combat felt silly and I used to love Nioh.

I think TLOU2 will take it all. Everything I've seen from that game looks great and I can't wait to play it.