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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Papa Phil: Control is coming to GamePass

KiigelHeart said:
Control is the kind of game Remedy should be making for game pass. Perfect platform for them to tell their stories, since their games seem to be struggling with sales otherwise.

I believe Gamepass and MS umbrella at this time would be perfect for Remedy.  I believe MS could give them something like a 5 year deal, make what you want and if you like what we do re up the deal for another 5 years.  Gamepass need story type games that Remedy want to make without worrying about the financials.

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RolStoppable said:
Machiavellian said:


I neither love or hate Phil but what I do see is someone who has changed the direction of where the Xbox and gaming in general within MS was going.  I actually believe if Phil did not get promoted, MS probably would have moved out of gaming. which is a strong point for Phil.  

Um... no. If what you say is true, then that would actually be all the more reason to hate Phil Spencer.

Microsoft did more to modernize gaming than any Japanese maker has.

And I'm talking about big things like online console gaming, cross-play, indie console games and standard multi-platform 3rd party development.

If you left it up to Sony and Nintendo, everything would be exclusive by now.