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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kotaku's Jason Schreier: 3rd Party Devs Frustrated By Lack Of Info On Scarlett

If majority of developers don't have devkits by end of January it's time to be worried

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Imagine actually thinking that developers might pass on a console at launch because dev kits are supposedly late. Reminds me of when that Transformers game was rumored to be canceled on Xbone early this gen and multiple people here were ecstatic, one even claimed that “it begins” as they actually expected major devs and publishers to stop supporting Xbone 😆

I really think people take these type of reports and just go off on all types of crazy tangents. Its not like MS has not been in this market for over a decade now. To believe that support will suddenly dry up because a dev kit is late seems silly. A lot of working relationships MS have with devs are already done and speculations that MS is frustrating developers so they are going to go take their toys away seems even more silly. I guess this would be a bigger deal if the machines were really custom like a PS2 or PS3 but not today's Consoles. Developers are pretty much coding to MS API and do not code to the mettle so as long as they keep within the specs provided by MS, having full silcone at this time probably more an annoyance then anything else.

Is the Lockhart really a next gen machine? I was thinking it could just be a xbox one x redesing. Just equivalent performance but with Navi and ryzen. It might just be still called the xbox one x slim. Cut like $200 of the price then anaconda be $500.

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