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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor; Google Stadia will face to face with Amazon Gaming platform next Year

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Who will win

Capitalis 3 23.08%
Gamer 2 15.38%
Google Stadia 0 0%
Amazon 2 15.38%
Alien 6 46.15%
Immersiveunreality said:
EricHiggin said:

The year is 2030, and a group of friends is riding in a personal Uber style Cybertruck, while playing Amazon DIGILABOBOX through 5G:

'Hey guys, remember when Amazon used to ship stuff to your house, that you actually got to keep? Man they were idiots back then!'

On the other end it is also freeing to finally get rid of all the stuff you got laying around without never using it again,if you got an emotional bond with it or when you like to replay them again i understand but also understand those that just want the experience without the physical product like going to theater or movies.

That's the point being made, from Amazon's perspective. Why go to the trouble of trying to physically get something physical to you, over and over, when they can more easily set things up 'once' physically and get them to you digitally, over and over, almost hassle free in comparison?

Not physically driving, while not playing a physical copy of a game, while not physically connected to the internet.