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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stadia's game prices are very high according to Eurogamer

Cerebralbore101 said:

True. I see Xcloud making Stadia pretty much irrelevant though. Xcloud is Gamepass but with the added ability to stream to phones and tablets right? That would win easily because there's no need to buy games with Gamepass. Xcloud would be the true Netflix of games. And I would honestly welcome that as a part of the industry. 

How much will XCloud + GamePass cost per month? And what do you need to run it?

I wouldn't mind using XCloud for a month or a couple to play the next MS Flight simulator. Lag isn't much of a problem there and from what I've seen my laptop's GTX 1060 likely can't do it any justice. Besides that, the game uses petabytes of real word data which you can download in chunks for the are you're going to fly through. It would make more sense just to stream it instead of waiting to download hundreds of gigabytes of local data.

Plus I don't have to worry about my laptop overheating and blowing hot air at turbo fan speeds :) Owning it would be better, yet since it relies on petabytes of data to look like the promo videos, it's kinda pointless as an offline game.