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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Did You Watch XO19?


Did You Watch XO19?

Yes, and it was great 126 15.38%
Yes, but it was disappointing 111 13.55%
No, but I caught up on announcements after 146 17.83%
No, wasn't interested 407 49.69%
Other 29 3.54%
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Jigsawx1 said:

I think its not ready yet and we`ll see mor at e3

“Wait for E3” seems to have been the running joke with Xbox this whole generation. It’s become an unofficial slogan on the net for fans who refuse to give up hope. Not that hope should be given up, but placed only where it’s

I agree with this. I can't remember Xbox actually had a good E3/show that actually pathed a way for the brand/console, 2009??

OT: I saw bits but it was a snoozefest as per, I've never known a company to be so naff despite having so much arsenal.