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Amnesia said:
trunkswd said:

Most of the time adjustments are only made going back 1-4 weeks. Generally only when we get official shipment figures, which are quarterly do I go further back. On a rare occasion we will get numbers for specific countries going back months or years.

Only hardware figures we seem to get on a regular basis now are out of Japan with Famitsu and Spain.

UK we get sometimes like with Pokemon coming out and knowing the Switch sold just under 90k in the first two weeks. 

Without NPD making our numbers as accurate as possible is more of a challenge. Before I could do monthly adjustments in the Americas. 

Do you have an idea what it cost now if you wish to have the numbers from NPD ?

It's far more than what we could afford. Unless the sites views drastically increase. The hope is having the hardware figures up to date will help the sites views. Plus the team have stuff planned we all hope helps as well. Just waiting on Talonman to return. 

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