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Forums - General Discussion - Any other options in life?

CrazyGamer2017 said:

A certain kind of investment made at the right time in the right place and I must admit, some luck too. It's not much mind you, but it's enough to live off it and even save some.

And this shows how lazy I am cause if I had a job on top of this, I'd be seriously well off but I love too much my freedom for that.

Nice. I wish I could go 3 years back and buy a lot of AMD stock lol

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God bless You.

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Sounds like depression to me. One of the lesser known symptoms is complete lack of motivation for anything. There are ways to treat it, but you should talk to people you actually trust instead of internet strangers.

However I don't think it ncecessarily is depression. Maybe just aimlessness. I can relate to that. But I luckily got out of it, here's what you do.

Step 1: Stop looking at other people. The lives they're living is not an ideal or a default, there is no such thing. The way to live your life is about doing what you and you alone want. Your life isn't lesser just because it isn't the same as most other people's. You'd actually be surprised how many people live "strange" lives, because they're not the ones who placate their lives for everyone else to see. You can have a very rich life doing your own thing, no matter how different it is from the "norm".

Step 2: Search inside yourself what you actually enjoy and what kind of person you are. Define yourself. Don't do it superficially by picking random things you do, like watching movies or going out. Try to figure out why specifically you enjoy them. Your current interests aren't defined and it's extremely easy to pick up new ones. When you were able to define your specific interests try to branch out. Seek out things you were always interested in, even if it's just very small things of a big field. You can become a successful and fulfilled person in a very specialized field. Not because you're necessarily interested in that field but because you enjoy certain specifics about it. If I told my 10 year younger self what I do today and how much I enjoy doing it he would declare me insane.

If you have trouble with Step 2, skip to Step 3.

Step 3: Seek help and advice. There is no shame in relying on others if it's to reach your goal. Remember, your goal is the only one that counts. Every single person who is successful today is so because they relied on massive amounts of help. Most people are willing to help even if they don't even know you. Once you focused on a goal, be it specific or wide go on to identify the parts you need help with and the parts you could never do on your own. Then seek help. It's a great first step to get anything started. You literally have to do nothing to get your goal started. Getting help at the start will not only help you realize your goal but it will bring you closer to it, increasing your own motivation.

If you skipped Step 2, let others advise and help you until you achieve it. Often people cans ee things in you that you cannot see in yourself. Also people usually love helping others in guiding them to their path. Once you finished step 2, go back again to step 3 and get help to get your newly defined goal started.

Step 4: Give up early. If a path you have chosen turns out to be too difficult and stressful, stop it. The work you do is supposed to be serving you, not the other way around. There is no use in giving up yourself and dellude yourself it will somehow work out. Don't let others coerce you into continuing something you hate just on the offchance that it might pay out later. It might, but it could also just physically and mentally destroy you, even if you reach your goal. If you destroy yourself every day you have already lost.

However, if you followed a path that you truly wanted to walk you don't have to give up your goal. If you hit a massive road block it doesn't necessarily mean that the goal is wrong but rather that the method was flawed. Jobs, even in the same field, can differ widely. I have been to heaven and hell and back doing essentially the exact same work, the difference was merely the workplace itself. If your current job drains you, but you feel like it should be more fun because you enjoy it in principle, then there is most likely a workplace where you can have that.

Step 5: Once you've found your path and are comfortable with it, look around yourself and inside and ask yourself if something is maybe missing. Again, don't look at others, look at your own surroundings and find the answer yourself. If you don't miss anything, congratulations, you're now leading a rich and successful life. Success that is solely measured at your own satisfaction.

If you feel like something is missing, then make long term goals and achieve them at your own pace. You're already well situated, nobody is rushing you. If you don't know what's missing repeat from Step 1.

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