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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - SPOILERS --- There is so many leaks for pokemon sword and shield and i am getting depressed ----SPOILERS

I love how divise something as dumb as "pokemon designs" is. Its really dumb in the funniest way.

For me, last gen's only "good looking" evo was Primarina. Incineroar is probs amongst the worst design -ever- and Decidueye was as generic as they come.

This gen I find Intelleon to be the only "decent" looking one (being nice), tho neither Rilaboom or Cinderace look as bad as Incineroar did.

I mean, none of this matters because thats all secondary to stats, but cool. They are all "alright".

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I'm amazed at how few people hate the grass starter. That abomination is the worst Pokémon design ever, bar none. No question.

For as uncanny as the water one is, it does still have a weird charm to it. Eh, it's better than Primarina I guess.

Don't really know why I still bother talking about this, though. I'm long, long past the point of caring about this franchise.

Cinderace's image looks fake. Not saying that it is but it just looks photoshopped.

Also, I like Intellion in concept but it just looks wrong in execution.

Pixel Art can be fun.

Really sad about Sobbles evo, I liked the fanmade one with the tailgun.


I ain't spoiled so I won't take a look at any of this but I know my pick is the fire starter as usual.

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All Pokédex leaked these past days, i already Saw every single Pokémon that is new and the old that are in the game , just 400...


Day 1, I am hyped. Finally Pokemon that I can play on the big screen while sitting on the couch.