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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Luigi's Mansion 3 Combat Woes

Chrkeller said:

LM3 is my personal GotY. I really enjoy it and the local campaign coop is greatly appreciated. I've been playing a lot with the kids. Speaking of which, people complaining family friendly games are too easy crack me up. Might as well complain Pixar movies don't have enough sex and violence.

Look I don't disagree Nintendo games tend to be easier than Sony/MS, but that literally is the point.  Kirby is coop, LM3 is coop, Mario Odyssey is coop, Yoshi's Crafted World is coop.  As a parent with young kids having accessible (easy) couch coop games is amazing.  Not everything should be aimed at the hardcore audience.  Kudos to Nintendo for realizing there is more than one demographic out there.

Nintendo are perfectly happy to come down the other end of the difficulty scale as well, if you start off breath of the wild and walk up to the first camp of enemies with just a stick and some rusty weapons.... chances are you are very quickly going to have a link who has one of those 2 items inserted rectally and being greeted by your first visit to the Game Over screen in breath of the wild.

To anyone who says "all Nintendo games are easy" I would love to see them VS and Lynel with a 2handed Mace.... in the Snow, unless you are very well equipped for that fight, you are going to get ruined.

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