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Forums - Movies Discussion - Well, Box Office Mojo's new design sucks. And it's a money grab.

I just use 'The Numbers' now, clear, precise and not a money grab like BOM.
I follow both on facebook though and notice that The Numbers normally get their updates out quicker than BOM which is quite funny seeing its a smaller site.

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Just had a quick look through "the numbers"

It reminds me of what mojo used to look like back in the day. Just simple, quick and to the point.

I'll probably never visit mojo again.

yeah, seems a lot of my favourite sites are either going down or vastly changing now. GameRankings was another victim; they had by far the best and most precise way of doing things but they folded into the far inferior Metacritic a few weeks ago. Useless.

Is it greed though? How much do you think a site like box office mojo costs to update and operate? How many employees do they have? Perhaps the ad revenue wasn’t cutting it anymore and this was there attempt to try and stay alive?

I mean, it could very well be greed, but it seems like a site like that would have a very large operating cost and only occasional visits from most people. Their ad revenue can’t have been super amazing.