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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last Guardian love letter

Chrkeller said:
I swear I got a different version of the game. I never had issues with Trico doing what I needed him to do. I've beaten it three times.

I didn't have a problem with Trico obeying, was more like discovering what to do (since the game really let you discover by yourself, very different than most games) and the clunkyness came from how to give the right command depending on the situation and some times the labor to get up in Trico's head.

Jaicee said:

Trico's behavior was seriously convincing, genuinely lifelike animal behavior. That's what brought The Last Guardian to life for me: the sheer attention to detail concerning how animals behave. It's not always about cooperating with you. And I mean just the way Trico moves about. You believe it. The level of believability, which is rarely seen in games particularly when it comes to animal (or animal-like) representation, is what made The Last Guardian genuinely moving for me. It made all the difference. It's definitely one of my favorite PS4 exclusives.

Yep, sometimes it will collaborate very fast, sometimes it will be playing around not worrying about you. It will respond to how well you threat it, etc. It is very unique.

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DonFerrari said:
SvennoJ said:

The slow pace is intentional, but having a walk mode in between crawl and sprint recklessly, as well as eliminating the frame rate drops, will help a lot with the gameplay. They have the momentum right, but not the speed. It was mostly the frame pacing that messed up my control of boy. In stable areas I had no problem running around the obstacles and doing things fast.

Plus I would love to see this game in HDR!

Well yes HDR is pure love =]

And I don't have a problem with the slow pace on walking, I have a problem on the slow pace of reaction of trico and when needing to get down and up again from him.

Cerebralbore101 said:

It's not clunkyness as much as it is that Trico won't listen if you don't pet him. Pet Trico everytime he does what you want. That and get used to pointing correctly (which is clunky, and needs a reticule to see where you're aiming at). 

For me the biggest clunkyness came from not only commanding him when atop of his head, but a lot of times how to get to the top of the head, as navigating in the feather sometimes was very strange.

Dgc1808 said:
I wont to replay, but it was a pretty miserable experience the first time around.

It's hard to explain these weird feelings.

Try to put then in bullets, don't have to explain the contrast feelings, but just put what you remember you felt playing.

brute said:
I've been thinking of getting this game but have been holding off from purchasing it.
Might make the lunge since it is only $15 at Wal-Mart.

Do it, for 15USD it is a great experience.

BraLoD said:
Still need to play it.
Very glad it got released.
Trico is cute as f**k.

When are you going to move to SJC so I can loan you all the games you are missing?

twintail said:
bought the game on sale recently but holding out playing it. i hear the performance is pretty bad on a base ps4 with ps4 pro being the better choice to play it on (I dont have one) so I figure ill just make it one of my first ps5 games to play since I imagine performance will be better than on a base ps4. Holding out on bloodborne too lol

Well don't worry to much, it isn't as if the performance would make the game hard or anything. Unless you totally abhor framerate dips.

KazumaKiryu said:


The End was so emotional *-*

Incredible highlight of the game, plus all the suspicions of how the 3 games tie together.

That would be cool, but I have a massive backlog already as it is, lol.