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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I quit The Last of Us after 5 minutes

The Last Belmont said:

That sentiment (while unpopular) is shared by Rich and Jack of Previously Recorded (which is was a gaming spin off show of Red Letter Media). Their take of Naughty Dog games since Uncharted 1 is that more than half of the time you're not playing anything, but watching cutscenes... which is boring in their opinion. And furthermore, even when you are playing the game, they feel that they are scripted events with next to no stakes or real challenge.

I've personally never played those games, however I have played the Tomb Raider reboot, which was modeled after that style... and something felt... off, about the whole experience. I had similar feelings about Castlevania Lord's of Shadow, maybe there's no connection. Anyway, I don't think that you're wrong, and you've got every right to feel that way.

Ah yes, who can forget the legendary gaming opinion of Rich and Jack, which is only bolstered by your own complete and total lack of personal experience.

"Their take of Naughty Dog games since Uncharted 1 is that more than half of the time you're not playing anything, but watching cutscenes"

Unbelievable. Maybe, MAYBE, if you set the difficulty to easy, and tried your hardest to make such a scenario a reality, ignoring every game play element possible, maybe, that is something that could be realized. It would be a high water mark for Rich Evens, eclipsing the time he laughed uncontrollably for 45 minutes watching movie trailers, while simultaneously eating year-old popcorn from the folds of his furniture.

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So we all agree, ND is no good.

Ya know, this reminds me of how I got my copy of Bloodborne...

One of my best friends loved the setting and idea if Bloodborne...he buys the game...then calls me up before I get off work and says, "You can have this piece of trash, or I am trading it in."

I asked, "What don't you like about it? Maybe if we play together?"

He replied, "Nope, made it to the character creation screen and got major Skyrim vibes. Fuck this game."

And that is how I got my free copy of Bloodborne...True story!

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Everyone hás the right to have their opinions. I played the first Destiny demo and i hated it, 3 years latter a friend challenged me to try again and play with him. Now its One of my favourite game of this generation. Opinions can change.

Considering the following facts that you
1.) Didn't put much time into the game, and you have easily spent 5x that amount of time just in this thread.

2.) Even after being given a chance to fix up the OP, you didn't do so.

I am going to lock the thread.

It is perfectly fine to dislike a game. And it is perfectly fine to decide not to play a game after spending 5 minutes with it. But a low quality thread is a low quality thread, and it is particularly so when the fix for said thread manages to be an even lower quality update.

"I had vibes" isn't really something that we can discuss.