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Is it a good port

Yes 32 58.18%
No 9 16.36%
It's an OK 14 25.45%
DonFerrari said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

3ds resolution, not ds. And it's games look fine on 3ds small screen

They are elitist hardcore gamers who only care about resolution/fps/high end graphic, not the casual audience lol

Just like when they buy games on old 3ds? Yup

Well you were the one that typed DS. But ok.

I don't think all those guys are elitists on resolution/fps/high end graphics. Even more because most of the ones I talked that prefered 60fps would accept even 720p and mid level assets as long as 60fps was maintained (as was the case on most of the WiiU Nintendo games). 4k120fps Ultra High for PC Master Race I would agree is a hardcore demand that only a small percentage of the population would want.

People bought games on all previous HW, that doesn't mean they will keep buying same level or type of game in the future.

If people didn't care about resolution it wouldn't be the most markeatable part on games and TVs. The other one being "flops". Doesn't mean they know what is what, but they go for the biggest number is the best option. Reason why PS4Pro was very hard on the upscaling technique to have a 4k output.

Depends, to casual audience, if 190p ds screen is fine then so is 240p 3ds