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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 28 September 2019

Intrinsic said:
zorg1000 said:

The current best is PS4 2017 at 20.2 million.

So basically the switch needs to do like 11M in 10 weeks or so.

13 weeks, but yes it needs almost 11 million to reach that goal. It did just over 9 million in that time frame last year so it's a tough yet realistic goal. I give it a 50/50 shot.

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Amnesia said:
Intrinsic said:
Its strage how sony insists on not getting the price of the PS4 down to $199. Then again who can blame them if they are still able to push around a quarter-million most weeks.

Switch making a beeline for that 20M. May even hit 21M+. Shouldn't that make it the best selling 8th gen console in a calendar year?

The Xbox... well its Xbox. They probably are praying sony finds a way to dro the ball next-gen. I doubt the brand survives another gen like this one.

I don't know of this rule is worldwide or not, but in France, it is illegal to sell a product with a negative margin.

Really? Ha! I know it's definitely legal in the UK. In fact it's a tactic often used by supermarkets, they sell some products at a loss in order to encourage customers to come to their store with the hope that they'd then buy additional things that are profitable. Selling a console at a loss would be the exact same really, you're getting them into your eco-system in order to make money on later game/accessory sales rather than the initial console sale.

I'm personally expecting between 18-19 million from Switch for the FY; 20 just seems a bit too out there. If Animal Crossing were releasing in early December maybe, but with Luigi's Mansion 3 and Sword/Shield as their holiday titles, I think they'll do great but not "over 20 million" great.

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