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Forums - Sony Discussion - New official info on PS5, launching next holiday

BraLoD said:
DonFerrari said:

I'm so used to DS layout that for me it's perfect during the gen time.

Sure I tried to go back to DS3 and it was small and uncomfortable, but during PS3 time I had no issues with it. So if DS5 improves any anatomic I'll be glad everything else can be the same and wouldn't bother me. Perhaps adopt some of the ideas of back button so you can use on some games that becomes troublesome to press more than two buttons on one side of the controller.

Back buttons are great, they should really go for it.

It makes doing some actions really convenient, I don't know how they aren't mainstream nowdays.

Some expensive controllers do come with them, tho.

Well until the base controller don't have back buttons the games will still keep the basic layout of not having them. So the 3rd party controllers although convenient for remapping won't really push forward the way we play.

EricHiggin said:
DonFerrari said:

Well Destiny is a game designed to be played online so sure it'll need to be online and thus need updates.

Also I don't remember buying games that are broken at launch. All games I can remember playing were pretty possible without updating anything when putting the disc.

Sony and MS probably will allow you to use external HDD or SD to keep up your games and transfer to the SSD internally. But from all we are hearing you won't be able to start your game from the external HDD or even SD because the game is designed to be run on the NVMe. So you win on not needing to redownload the data, but would still have to pass through the small nuisance of transfering data and losing some time (nothing of real problem if you plan your gaming time and have the transfer of the next game you want to play happen while you are playing something at that moment).

More and more games are going online to some degree as time goes on though, so maybe first party AAA could remain completely offline, but otherwise day one and early updates could very well be a concern.

BF3 and BF4 both were broken, but I'm pretty sure it was BF4 that was the standout. Took more than just months for the game to be somewhat acceptable. A year later when PS4 arrived, the question was is BF4 finally worth the purchase?

I think PS5 games will surely have to run off the SSD, but I wonder if PS4 games could run straight off the external HDD if you had one? Will devs bother to update PS4 games to make good enough use of the SSD to where it's worth forcing a transfer of BC games as well? If PS allows transfers, unless they can accomplish them in like 5 minutes flat, I think they would be crazy not to have it be part of the PS app so you can transfer games through the network while you're away.

Well I don't plan on playing any online game. So as long as there still enough SP offline game for me I don't care much (also my internet is not bad, and I have external HD just for my lazyness).

For me BF4 was never worth a purchase, not into FPS.

For the BC games on PS5, if they allow external HD (no reason not to) yes I expect it to accept playing straight from external (unless they discover it to be a door for piracy in the future). We do know that even without specific improvements when you have SDD on PS4 the games already load faster to start and in-game loading, so the only thing you won't see is like faster traversal without devs making patches.

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