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Sarkar said:
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And you don't have to throw everything plus the kitchen sink at a game either. Games should only cost as much as needed to make, and that varies from project to project. Often developers have ideas, that only require modest budgets, and Nintendo's one of the few major publishers who will take a chance on those kinds of games.

But you do understand that no one’s going to give much credit to Nintendo for the said chance when they can recoup the cost of it by selling one copy. lol

problem here in this thread is that the TC wants praise for Nintendo for taking risks but they’re hardly risking anything by making these little cheap mini-games and selling them for exorbitant prices to their blindly loyal fanbase.

They would give credit to Nintendo because outside of a obscure third party developer, no high-profile developer would dare develop such games like Ring Fit Adventure or Labo (maybe EA back in the day with EA Sports Active back  in the day or Ubisoft's Just Dance, which likely doesn't use as much of a budget as Ring Fit or Labo). These are unconventional video games that, nowadays, are not likely to garner as much attention as they would if they released during the Wii era. Still, Nintendo tinkers like a toy company, which is part of their DNA of over 125 years as a business.

And even then, Nintendo publishes a ton of games, which Sony and Microsoft don't do as much, yearly. Not every game has to be AAA. Every game is an investment, regardless. You assume things as if you know the budgets that Nintendo uses for every game they develop and/or publish.

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Sarkar said:
SpokenTruth said:

No, you want that.  Nintendo gamers want Nintendo games.  Budget is inconsequential to us.  Is the game good?  Yes?  Then who gives a damn what the budget was?

Yeah I already addressed the Nintendo guys. They care more about how much money Nintendo is hoarding in the bank than games. I’m talking normal gamers who care about games and not corporations.

Seems there are more enthousiastic Nintendo guys than "normal" microsoft/playstation guys if you consider console sales so yeah it's nice of them to cater to their own playerbase i would say.

I also thought using the term "normal" is mostly used for the bigger amount of people liking something but ofcourse it depends on the bubble that one can reside in.

TheMisterManGuy said:
Sarkar said:

This generation for consoles started in 2013, we can throw in Wii U I guess cause Nintendo sure does need the handicap. As for 3DS that’s been around 3 extra years compared to current gen consoles, because handheld generations have been staggered with the console generations. It’s also a separate market that requires a tiny fraction of the cost to make games for so not really a fair comparison.

Don't try and do a song and dance to justify your point. The 3DS a gaming platform, that lived through most of this generation. Handheld or no, it's part of the 8th generation of gaming systems.

In reality one new IP like Horizon Zero Dawn or Quantum Break is a bigger investment than pretty much all new IPs Nintendo has made this gen. That’s why they get criticized for it because they make a ton on money selling overpriced games and refuse to invest any of it back into new IP which this industry is in dire need of in the AAA space. 

Who gives a fuck about spending AAA money on a new IP? Nintendo barely makes traditional AAA games as it stands. BotW is the most expensive game they've made yet, and I'm willing to bet it's still lower budget than the latest Assassin's Creed game. Nintendo's not interested in competing in the AAA dick measuring contest, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's nice to have a publisher who's willing to take in Low-Meduim Budget ideas vs other companies their size. And what about that list I gave you. They're not refusing to invest in new IP. Even discounting the Wii U and 3DS, we have 7 introduced on the Switch alone.

Their fans are more concerned with bragging about how much cash Nintendo got in the bank than what’s being put into making games and keep lapping up low effort low budget titles for ridiculous prices.

"Low effort, low budget titles" LOL Sure. In any case, I don't feel a game's budget should dictate its asking price. I feel like the entertainment value and content should decide that.

The problem with AAA games is that they have a bunch of lawyer-like producers who market research the mechanics and make their judgments on whether to greenlight or not the ideas based on their research. In other words, their games are not about artistic achievement anymore, it's corporate manufactured products that are essentially just updated versions of existing ideas. The creative and inventive work is done by other people.

Nintendo is one of the teams that's willing to push the boundaries in a satisfying way. And I agree, Breath of the Wild - if it qualifies as AAA is barely AAA - 300 developers on it, 1 expansion and 1 sequel; most modern AAA games would call for many DLC upgrades and various other money extraction methods and have as many as 7 or 8 sequels which are iterations of the core game + new or updated content, sometimes a few new feature or two to help with the marketing thrust. Assassin's Creed is a good example of this, they're all basically just the same game branched off the trunk with a new set of content and new features appropriate to the content - a good strategy for marketing to a mass audience, but a company like that will never make a Mario Galaxy or Breath of the Wild until someone else does it first.

Indies and certain medium-end developers, that's where the real creativity happens. Most often for less of a dent in your wallet.

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