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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

Having serenaded Mario Galaxy for several pages, I should note my runner up is BOTW. I've talked at length about this before, but it's the first game in years that really inspired my imagination with the almost endless gameplay potential made possible by its physics and chemistry systems, and the way such an elaborate system was woven together into such a cohesive, organic, and intuitive whole. 

Other honourable mentions from me go to Ocarina of Time, Galaxy 2, and Metroid Prime.

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I will say mario 64 because it was way better than anything existing when it released !!

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noemie75 said:

I will say mario 64 because it was way better than anything existing when it released !!

It's still my favorite Mario. All the ones since have been great, but Mario 64 was an absolute marvel in its time. It was good to the point where at times the N64 was basically a plug-and-play console for Super Mario 64.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's just a perfect game. Visuals, gameplay, music, sound fx, everything. A timeless classic.

Breath of the Wild has its unique advantages, though. But Zelda III nailed it, especially the soundtrack.

Probably either Super Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8.

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I cannot!!!!


Jumpin said:

I sort of see Galaxy 2 as an extension of Galaxy 1 in a similar way to the Star Road section of Super Mario World - those levels are my favourites of the game. While they are separate from the rest of the game, the rest of the game still exists — Star Road is not satisfying outside of the existence of Mario World. My favourite 3D platforming is from Galaxy 2, but Galaxy 1 is where the magic of the universe and the unparalleled story/atmospheric experience is. Combined, SMG1+2 is the best of both worlds.

So even though I do like the levels of 2 mostly better than 1, the experience is significantly less without the experience of 1. If you can only play one of the two, make it Galaxy 1.

If Nintendo makes a Galaxy 3 I really hope they capture everything in one game.

Agreed. Galaxy 1 was very atmospheric and it was a disspointment to me that they changed in the sequel.

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