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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of October


Most Anticipated New Release of October

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 151 12.81%
Concrete Genie 61 5.17%
GRID 30 2.54%
Luigi's Mansion 3 494 41.90%
MediEvil 139 11.79%
Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville 14 1.19%
The Legend of Heroes: Tra... 57 4.83%
The Outer Worlds 120 10.18%
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint 18 1.53%
Nothing This Month 95 8.06%

It's between Luigi's Mansion 3 and MediEvil.

Two of my most anticipated games in this entire year actually, and I'll get both shortly after release. I assume Luigi's Mansion will be great, considering it's predecessors, but I already know MediEvil is great because it's a remake. And because it's a remake, I guess I'll vote for Luigi, since if I could only pick one, I'd pick the one I haven't played yet. If MediEvil was a MediEvil 3 though...

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the demo for MediEvil sort of killed my hype a bit because of how bad the performance was in it, framerate was really awful on base ps4 

I can only hope that wasn't the final build or that they'll fix it before launch, because if not then oof

I'm pretty hyped for Luigi's Mansion 3, looking like the best one yet.


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LM3 looks like a game that I will just smile the whole time through, and when it comes to games those are the best type for me so this one is a no brainier.

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Death Stranding

Ops, not yet.

God bless You.

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Waiting for my copy of Witcher 3 and RE pack for Switch. So no new games.

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CoD Modern Warfare and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint are automatically off my list after their MTXs/timed-exclusivity shenanigans (games from 2 of the Evil 4, who would've guessed?), so Luigi's Mansion 3 by process of elimination.