Forums - General Discussion - [Update] Surgery a success; tumor removed.

Very sorry to hear that Curl.

You can fight this. It's going to be hard but you can do it. I wish you the best.

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Sad to hear that dude, wish you well

Nothing to see here, move along

Everyone here is rooting for you Curl,you are a kind person and deserve the best.

I really do believe that positive thoughts, a positive outlook, people you can, and like to talk to, make a mesurable difference in health.
Please know that I think about you from time to time, that I hope for you, that you do have an impact on my life, even if it is a small one. And I hope this thread has a positive impact on your life.

Sorry to hear the update.

Thoughts are with you Curl. Hope you get better. I'm rooting for the best.

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Not the best news, sadly. But at least it's treatable, and that's all you need, a chance to fight and win.

Good luck, curl, you'll make it.

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Sorry to hear that curl-6! Do your best to stay positive and try to enjoy everything about life! I'm no doctor but I do believe a positive attitude and a thirst for life are a big part in beating illnesses!

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I only just saw this. I'm rooting for you, curl. I've seen you around here for years, even though we don't really interact. Don't give up!

Sad news. Hopefully this was the last of such news, and from here on out your recovery is as smooth as it can be. Stay strong!

Hopefully everything goes well Stay positive!