Forums - Sony Discussion - Could "Sony Japan Studio" announce something big at TGS 2019?

ZODIARKrebirth said:
twintail said:

Sure, I think that a JPN focused game could definitely be announced. However, I think that it would be AA or digital at best, which is more in line with what Sony shows off from their studios at TGS (but of course not all the time).

The thing is, I don't see what the incentive is here for Sony to announce a major title from Japan Studios. Western Sony games have sold better in the region, the JPN games aren't selling that well... a major game focused on JPN doesn't seem like a smart move at all imo.

But I am down for anything.

Would love if they would bring back an old Sony jrpg ip (wild arms, alundra, Legend of Dragoon) on AAA Level, but you are right, shouldn't happen at Tgs

An Alundra remake that looked like a better version of Gravity Daze 2 would be incredible!

Anyhow I do hope Sony does have something for TGS at least. I would take remasters of Freedom Wars or Soul Sacrifice

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Maybe Playstation All - Stars 2? Though this seems unlikely.

wild arms, arc the lad, legend of legaia , legend of dragoon, alundra and dark cloud.
Any of those 2 title to be revived before PS5 will be awesome.

No conference this year it seems

twintail said:
No conference this year it seems

That's good imo. As great as the PS4 is, it's time to transition to 5.