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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Alternate history: N64 goes with CDs instead of cartridges


What do you think would've been the outcome?

N64 would've won the gen 40 62.50%
PS1 still would've won 24 37.50%
curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

Time, attrition and continued strain can change everything.

Sure unlicensed NES games would only happen because there were money to be made (which doesn't mean it was made), as much as HW piracy was quite common for it as well (in Brazil there were plenty more non-Nintendo NES than otherwise).

Plus the idea Sega had with the CD was exactly to combat piracy, because at the time the CD manufacturing structure was much more expensive than for cartrdige (at least that is what I heard).

I dunno about that, CDs are a much simpler medium than cartridges which was the main reason they could be produced so much more cheaply.

At any rate, I think the 4th gen showed third parties were willing to stick with Nintendo even when there was a competitive alternative. Nintendo simply gave them no choice but to leave by only offering an expensive medium that couldn't really support the games they were making.

From what I know at the time to setup a production "floor" for CD was expensive, the CD drive on the console was also expensive, but after that to print CD was cheap and piracy were hardly expected because of the cost to regular people to have CD burner PCs.

Just look that Atari and to a smaller degree NES had non authorized SW release, SNES was also prone to piracy of the cartridges, but I don't know of illegal games on PS1 (but yes it didn't take long for piracy to be rampant).

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