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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favorite console from each of the big 3 and why?

Nintendo: Gamecube. Great games and best controller ever
Sony: PlayStation 2. Superb and diverse games selection, plus backwards compatible to PSOne
Microsoft: Windows 98 SE ^^ Yeah, never had any interest into Microsoft consoles apart from the fact that it pulled their games development from the PC to the consoles... and yet they wanted to strengten PC gaming with it? Yeah, no, that's how you don't do it!

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Jaicee said:
Chris Hu said:
Nintendo: SNES easily the best software lineup during the 16 bit era. Sports game played better on the Genesis/Mega Drive due to having a faster processors that being said one of my favorite sports games of that era NBA Live 95 actually plays better on the SNES. The SNES controller might still be the best Nintendo controller ever made also and one of the best controllers ever.
Sony: PS2 best software lineup of the sixth generation. Plus the DualShock 2 was a solid controller.
Micorsoft: X1 great software lineup which got a nice boost via backwards compatible titles. Game Pass is also a solid addition. The controller is a improvement of the 360 controller especially the the rumble triggers which are great for racing games.

Since you've spent your entire time on this thread so far criticizing one statement out of a much larger case for why I personally like the PS4 and only just now got around to following the thread rules with the above post, I thought I'd return the favor and complain about it an analogous fashion:

I don't think many people would argue that the Xbox One's "great software lineup" is among its strengths unless you're going to hang your hat squarely on backward compatibility. What unique games does the Xbox One offer that make it your favorite entry to date from Microsoft?

I played 169 games on the X1 there are too many of them I enjoyed to list them all.  Forza Horizon 4 I played over 700 hours I guess that makes it my favorite so far.  There are over 2000 games available on the X1 so anybody that says that a great software lineup isn't one of its strength has never owned one or barely played it I'm guessing you are one of those people.