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Forums - Sales Discussion - Amazon U.S. August 2019 bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

Mbolibombo said:
Rob5VGC said:
KH3 at 24 in Brasil, 53 in Spain.

KH3 still holding on for another month. Amazing.

You thought I wouldn't be back? You thought wrong.

Every market counts! ;P

Luke888 said:

Yeah I've been keeping an eye on Fire Emblem and the performance is just outstanding, I think we might have a 3/4M seller on our hands, I'm constantly seeing artworks of the characters from the game being shared which is just free advertisement, when numbers roll in it'll definitely be an interesting one. I hope Astral Chain does 1.5/2M, I have clocked 15 hours and it's just outstanding, my personal GOTY so far.

I wouldnt even be surprised if it would climb even a little higher than that. 5M is not out of the question. 

I can still remember when they said that I was crazy even just thinking Fire Emblem could be selling so well. And that was in mid Juli...