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Forums - General Discussion - Does anyone have NFG's phone number?


Thread Title

Yes 1 25.00%
No 0 0%
I blame Wii Fit. 3 75.00%
super_etecoon said:
That's the one thing I always thought that was missing from the forums...creepy threads. So stoked that we've got that covered now.

Happy to help.

JWeinCom said:
I believe it's 867-5309

That's Jenny's number. I looked it up last night. She was my ex and she left me for a methhead DJ. Now she has a kid and works at some dive bar that puts on cool local concerts. I saw Stitched Up Heart there in May.

Ganoncrotch said:

Do I mean that's the girls number you're seeking.... do I mean call the cops because it's creepy to ask online for a girls number? YOU DECIDE!

Also it's a fucking great song!

Not as good as this song: