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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Game Are You Best At?

mZuzek said:
CaptainExplosion said:

-Super Smash Bros.
-Super Metroid
-Star Fox 64

I'm not saying I'm THE best at these games, I'm just very good at them.

This sounds like a competition.


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I'm really just a jack of all trades sort of gamer. There are few genres I'm not at least decent at, and no games I'd consider myself in the elite player base of. At various points in time I've gotten very good at different Smash games, and was usually the best at the most recent installment in any of my group of friends, but I'm under no delusion that I'm material for actual competitive gaming for any Smash game. And in the time since, I've gotten rusty at all the Smash games, including Ultimate, because I just don't have the hours to pour into Smash that I did as a kid and have already moved on from Ultimate. I mean I'll come back to try each DLC character, but I want to get at least some time in with SMM2 and Bloodstained before I move on to Fire Emblem next week. There was a time I'd effortlessly 100% complete every game I could get my hands on, and I found a way to get my hands on every game I wanted to play, and I'd still have tons of hours left to just pour into a game like Smash. Those days are sadly over.

I mean, I can speed run Super Mario 64 in less than two hours for a 120 star run, and around 10 minutes for a 0/1 star run, so there's that... lol. I've also played Final Fantasy X so much that I know pretty much everything by memory, something that impressed my tattoo artist as I was having my sleeves done, lol.

Now if we move onto online games that I'm good at, I generally don't really play many online games, but Overwatch has had me hooked since the day I got it, and apparently I'm a VERY good Doomfist player. I generally flex between all three roles, I've always been a great Winston or Roadhog (Depending on the situation), and I can happily solo heal with Ana with no problems (Sleep dart accuracy is pretty darn high, lol)... but since I decided to pick up Doomfist last year, something just clicked and my season average has gone from the 2800 (Platinum) hell I was in before to a season high of around 4100 (Grandmaster) a few seasons ago, which is honestly the best I've performed in any competitive online game... I've even come across plenty of Top 500 and Overwatch League players that I've managed to beat, including two very well known Doomfist players, Brandito and ChipSa, lol.

Advance Wars! I'm in the top 1% of fog of war players.

I've played the online competitive version "Advance Wars By Web", and it's like an entirely different game. The AI can't hold a candle to the speed and ruthless efficiency of humans in this game. So well balanced, and plenty of potential strategies.

Besed on my win/loss ratio, i would have to say Virtua Tennis 3, around 700 wins vs 269 losses at the height of the games popularity.

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Turn-based Wargames. Battle Isle, Panzer General, you name it.