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Forums - Politics Discussion - "Anti fascists" Severely Beat Journalist

o_O.Q said:
tsogud said:

Funnily enough I didn't ask for your opinion and made it very clear that your interaction with me is unwanted.

I felt it needed to be said not necessarily for your benefit since as I've said you seem to lack self awareness

but to anyone that has consistent values you cannot say that the actions of women play no part in the analysis of assault of women and then do a complete 180 and claim that andy ngo's actions are paramount when it comes to discussion of his assault, its fucking silly to say both things

it shows either dishonesty or a lack of awareness

Idc you can think what you want but personally attacking me and continually interacting with me when I've made my objection to it and your brand of debating very clear is not the way to go though.


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RolStoppable said:
NightlyPoe said:

I said that the existence of the people was irrelevant.  No evidence is needed either way.  Your initial claim was not about whether Trump's statement about Charlottesville was accurate.  It was about whether he "stuck up" for the far-right people who were there.  When auditing the accuracy of your claim, Trump explicitly condemned them.  Therefore, you should retract your statement.

And, as you can see, I didn't let Trump off the hook.  I just cleared him of the specific charge you levied against him.

Furthermore, I didn't ask you for evidence.  That was someone else.

As for my consistency, I've been perfectly consistent.  I know you know that as well as you've gone back and read my posts looking for stuff to nail me on and haven't come up with anything other than just saying I'm inconsistent because I didn't join you inaccurate take on a subject.

Trump isn't cleared of anything because he condemned and defended the far-right at the same time which puts the sincerity of his condemnation into strong doubt. He refered to a group of neo-nazis/white supremacists as "very fine people" and was overall inclined to put the protesters and counter-protesters of Charlottesville on an equal level. That's sticking up for the right, because the protesters and counter-protesters were not equal. The existence of people other than neo-nazis/white supremacists is crucial, because without the presence of such people, Trump must be refering to neo-nazis/white supremacists as "very fine people".

You are one of those sly people who stick up for the right in a covert manner, or rather, you are one of those who believe that they are skilled enough to further their narrative with covert tactics. Since Trump sympathized with the far-right and you don't condemn Trump for it, but instead even defend him, you are sympathizing with the far-right by extension. It has been quite clear to me since a while that that is what you are going for, hence why anytime the question of evidence comes up and the evidence doesn't suit your needs, you dismiss the importance of evidence.

I've run into people like you before on different subjects and there's no known way to get such people to admit to what they really are, but that's actually not that big of a problem. One has only failed against people like you when their narrative gets agreed to by others and so far you've failed your mission in this thread. The only support you are going to get here is by those who are already known to share those views and they didn't need any convincing from you to begin with. On the other hand, you are damaging your reputation on this site with your inconsistency; it doesn't matter if you claim that you have been consistent, because that's for others to judge.

"You are one of those sly people who stick up for the right in a covert manner, or rather, you are one of those who believe that they are skilled enough to further their narrative with covert tactics."

NightlyPoe said:
RolStoppable said:

This is exactly the kind of response that I expected, because that's how it always plays out.

Yes, I imagine when you make a habit of accusing people who don't 100% agree with you of being some covert agent of darkness, you often do get the same response.

The first point you responded to is about Trump's way to express himself. I made you aware that he condemned the neo-nazis/white supremacists and then he turned around to say that there were also very fine people among the protesters (of which there's no evidence that people other than neo-nazis/white supremacists were on the scene that he refered to), but you ignore that because you choose to only read what you want to read.

That's easily put the rest.  You didn't make me aware of those things.  I had to tell you because you couldn't be bothered to read your own article.  Here's the quote:

NightlyPoe said:

The article acknowledges that Trump explicitly condemned the far-right and racists that were there.

The article takes issue with Trump's contention that some of the protesters in favor of the Lee statue were not in that category saying that those people were imagined by Trump.

So, far from ignoring anything, I accurately portrayed the situation.

Trump is the epitome of fostering the environment you said you are against in an earlier post, but you let him off very easily.

I did not let him off.  I said he is guilty of blaming the victim.

Unfortunately for you, it's the same thing you've been doing all thread.  You are Trump, except you went the extra mile and condoned the violence, so that actually makes you worse than Trump.

You seriously need to look in the mirror.

Trump isn't interested in civil discourse and is quick to scream "fake news" anytime facts contradict the claims he makes. Trump wants a divided America, because that's the only way he can win an election. I think you are fine with that.

I am not fine with that.  I broke with the Republican party over that very issue.  When I saw the darkness, I walked away from it.

You are wallowing in that darkness.

I don't think you walked away from the darkness. You still believe that there were very fine people in Charlottesville despite no evidence of that being the case. You are also blind to Ngo's role in the incident that this thread is about.

By the way, it doesn't bother me that you say that I am worse than Trump.

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