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Make the lil captain explode whenever it's needed.

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Just gage her reaction by masturbating to porn in front of her. What could go wrong?

Talk to her about it! As long as shes cool with it then no reason to feel guilty.

I mostly play RTS and Moba style games now adays as well as ALOT of benchmarking. I do play other games however such as the witcher 3 and Crysis 3, and recently Ashes of the Singularity. I love gaming on the cutting edge and refuse to accept any compromises. Proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Long Live SHIO!!!! 

CaptainExplosion said:

Hey, I just met this really nice lady who really likes me for who I am, and she's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Just so you know, we haven't ever had sex, haven't even seen each other showing much skin, we're just not there yet. However, often I find myself looking at art, photos or videos of sexy ladies, and sometimes I just can't help but masturbate to them, but part of me doesn't feel right about it anymore now that I have a girlfriend.

Is it wrong to masturbate when you've got a girlfriend?

Why not watch porn together?

It is a great way to get in the mood. Especially if she is frigid/nervous/shy.

If you're effective enough, you can turn her into Mrs. Captain Explosion: ready to blow at any time!

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.


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CaptainExplosion said:

Is it wrong to masturbate when you've got a girlfriend?

It's her job to masturbate you, why would you bother having a girl friend to begin with if you are going to do it yourself? What is she even there for, what's the point?

Also this cultural habit that humans have to "get in a relationship" is absolutely bizarre to me. Why would anyone want to have someone else occupying their living space? Are you in such a hurry to see your fridge get emptied twice as fast? Do you really need someone else touching your belongings, do you really need to have only half the space for your belongings as she'll obviously take space for hers? Why would anyone want someone else to have a key to their home etc...

So many things that make no sense in human culture, so many questions, so few answers.