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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Show the vgchartz community your Mario Maker 2 levels! UPDATED 7/6/2019

pkmnMasterWheeeIer said:
Here's one from me: 1TT-Y6H-QQF

My first level on Mario Maker 2, tried my hand at a more standard level, rather than the more puzzle like ones did in 1

I just played this today.  Nice job on a first level.  I liked the Red Coin chambers and got your true ending.  I left a Like and a Stamp on it.

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p0isonparadise said:
Created my first course yesterday which took me about 15 minutes. L6T-V9G-HXG

It's nothing special but for my first time I don't think it's terrible.

Played this just now.  Nice job for a 15 minute creation.  I completed it and left a Like and Stamp comment on it.

benji232 said:
My first level! Was created a few days ago and not a sinle playthrough yet. Nothing special but would love if someone gave it a shot! D7T-95F-H6G

Started this level during the day yesterday and got stuck for a bit near the end.  I thought you had to do a jump off the hopping Cheep Cheep to get from one island to the next after coming out of the pipe which I was having trouble with the timing.  So, I took a break from it, but when I came back to it, I realized that the jump is possible without any boost and I was able to finish the level.  Nicely themed.  Good addition of tension to the level with Porcupuffers.  I left it a Like and a Stamp comment.

pkmnMasterWheeeIer said:
Here's one from me: 1TT-Y6H-QQF

My first level on Mario Maker 2, tried my hand at a more standard level, rather than the more puzzle like ones did in 1

This was an enjoyable standard level.  It would fit in well as a course in Super World if you ever crafted one with other courses like it.  I left a Like and a Stamp comment on it.

Asriel said:
I remade the first Moon Zone level from Super Mario Land 2 with some slight changes: Y9L KD2 JWF

I've only made two Mario Maker levels and this is my second.

I enjoyed this one as well.  My first time through I ran out of time, because I tried to take the long way back to the Goal and then figured out I didn't actually have to.  

RetroGamer94 said:
Hey guys, long time since I checked this thread but I haven’t had any time to play games lately, over the holidays I’ll be playing some, first one I checked out was SMM2 legendary Update! I made a level over the last few days:

Name: Doc.Stalk 2-2 Link’s Adventure
Code: L5P-C69-JTG
Version: SMB
Type: Ground Night/castle sub level
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

This is my first Link Level, so I didn’t go to crazy, however I kept adding as I got other ideas, so it is quite long. There are a few mini bosses and a final boss. I will definitely be making a few more link inspired levels, if you guys could give it a run and give me some feedback on the parts you liked/didn’t like I’d appreciate it. I put a lot of effort in making levels lol, normally takes me 10’s hours per level.

I’m going to go through this and see if I’ve missed some ones you guys have posted and give them a go!

Okay, this one I was stuck on for a while yesterday.  I had made it to the sub-world Castle checkpoint before eventually needing to take another break.  After getting past the Thwomp line and 3 fire breathing Piranha Plants, I got stuck on the Lift ride and platforming section.  What made it more difficult was what a long way back to the previous checkpoint to start over from (once I accidentally despawned my Koopa Clown Car in the On/Off blocks, and another time I accidentally jumped out and got soft locked by the opposite direction conveyors and had to wait out the timer to restart!).  But I understand the checkpoint placement, because I was grateful for the 2nd checkpoint to appear when I got to it in the first place!  After taking another break, I persevered and got through that section and reached the final boss.  I was very grateful for the infinitely spawning Master Swords.  I was able to fight from a distance with arrows and bombs at risk of a Time's Up.  I ended up reaching the Flagpole with under 10 seconds.  Let me tell you, I felt a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when I hit that Flagpole and then saw that I was just the 2nd person to have done it.  It is a challenging Level for sure and seems long in that end section, but the deaths never feel cheap.  And, the good level design spurs you on to keep going till the end.  I recommend it to anyone looking for an "enjoyable" challenge.  Two thumbs up from me.  I was more than happy to leave a Like and a victory stamp of "Beat It" with shocked Mii expression, lol.

Hello all. I just finished my latest level "Cloudy Chaos". I haven't made anything in over a year, but I worked hard on this latest creation. It's just a standard auto-scroll level, and shouldn't be too much of a problem to beat. Let me know your thoughts if you play it.
Course ID: CX8-2RY-Y4G

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