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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google Stadia conference with pricing, games, and release details set for June 6th at Noon EST/ 9 AM PST

jason1637 said:
0D0 said:

If they release new mult-plat games without the $60 tag, that would just break the way games are marketed.

They may have some free monthly games or games that will be for free as they add them to the subscription.

If a new sort of price system will come out from this, it'll be also available on ps5 and the next box as they'll also have streaming.

Ads would be a bummer.

@Bold. They already announced that they will add "free games" to the $10 sub. The first game is Destiny 2.

Well that doesn't sound so good anymore considering Destiny 2 is now F2P on Steam.

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Shadow1980 said:

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You need the right broom:

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"Stadia players will only be able to play with other Stadia players", Bungie said in an FAQ published this week.

Hah I knew it, why should Steam/epic or Sony/microsoft support cross-play with google stadia, it's a lot better for them to cut off google and let the service die from having no players. This is why google should have made a big launch with exclusive games and not a beta launch, they need a lot of players otherwise multiplayer games will become a wasteland.

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