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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft showing 14 first-party games at E3 2019 conference

Let's see the goodies very soon.

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Brad Sams says he thinks we'll see at least 3 new IP's from their first party studios at this conference

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pitzy272 said:
d21lewis said:

I really didn't enjoy Gears 4. I kinda had to force myself to finish it and after the 4K update, I kept intending to replay it but never did. I didn't think the world building was very good, the characters were generic and the pacing was pretty bad.

I thoroughly enjoy 1-3 and relay them annually. I like the characters and (surprisingly) the story. 

Yeah, that was the impression I got, but I wasn’t sure if it got markedly better later. That’s disappointing. But hopefully Gears 5 is good. I do think part of the reason I enjoyed Gears 1-3 so little bc I played them when they were no longer groundbreaking. 

It does get markedly better after slow fist Act. Rest of the campaign is packed with action and pacing is great. 1-3 feel a bit slow compared to it. You might want to try it yourself, especially considering you didn't fancy 1-3.

Actually I still think Gears remains groundbreaking heh. There simply isn't better 3rd person shooter for online play. It's so fluid and skill-based.