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Forums - General Discussion - Rapper NBA youngboy was shot multiple times outside trump resort

Dark_Lord_2008 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

I'll be honest, when I seen his name all that was going through my head was....

"wonder if the shot was from far enough away to be a 3 pointer"



"nothing but net!"

But that's just me! I don't know who the f this guy was but I know how dark comedy works.

Either way, the guy wasn't shot, a car of his was shot at and his body guard chased down and murdered the shooter.

He was provoked and shot at and his body guard chased down and shot the shooter in self defense. It was a case of kill or be killed. Living the life of a gangster in the hood.

Youngboy was shot outside a Trump resort not a hood. He doesn't even live in a hood. He lives in some mansion in LA.