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** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by TalonMan **


Which VGChartz feature does TalonMan love most?

Prediction League 1 $0.15 2.94%
User Profile Updates 0 $0.00 0%
VG$ Store 2 $5.14 5.88%
Game Database 25 $11,608.50 73.53%
Thread Wagering 1 $50.00 2.94%
New Badges 1 $100.00 2.94%
Thread Subscribing 0 $0.00 0%
Upgraded Forum Text Editor 3 $826.00 8.82%
Site Themes 1 $170.00 2.94%
Totals: 34 $12,759.79  
Game closed: 05/18/2019
TalonMan said:
BraLoD said:

I received it.

The question is, if I was wrong would I be able to tell the correct answer to know why I was wrong?

Now the option I picked is marked by bolded green text, but I'm unsure if it is because I picked it or because it is the correct answer so even pick that picked the wrong ones can know it was that.

I'm asking because I would like to know the right answer when I lose too xP

The highlighted "green" isn't because you chose it, it's green because it's the correct answer. Polls show "red" to indicate what your selection was, which is why I chose a different style for bets in hopes to avoid confusion...    ...guess it didn't work 100%.

Just needed communication.

Now I know it. It's fine.

Thanks for the points, and the database, it's also my favorite feature of this site.

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mutantsushi said:
TalonMan said:

1 - as far as payouts go, this was something that's always been negotiable - I made that fairly clear in the OP that this is only Version 1, and that I was open to (and frankly, expecting) changes based on community feedback.

2 - I disagree with your objection to the ability to cancel bets. What's the difference between my entering a bet and then canceling or adjusting before the game ends, and simply waiting on the sidelines until the very last moment before the game closes to start placing bets? I honestly don't see any harm in providing flexibility for users to adjust bets as they wish...   ...convince me that I'm wrong.

1) OK, this is my first feedback on this. Really fixed ratio feedback just doesn't appeal to my logic of betting, if I make a bet on a long-shot that nobody believes then it makes sense to get better pay-off than the vast majority making a safe bet would get if they win. I mean, that's just economics for real money bets, if you tried to allow fixed 50% ratio pay-off for betting the temperature doesn't drop below freezing in August, the system pretty much goes bankrupt right away. If it's desired to avoid early betters getting better ratio, put limit on amount bet per day (possibly lowest for first day or 8hrs etc, smoothly increasing?), so they can add later but at whatever ratio it is later. That kind of cultivates more persistent involvement too IMHO.
2) With bettor ratio determined payoff, the existing ratio of bettors is critical context to making a bet, so somebody cancelling is like pulling rug out from under your position. Even without direct effect of pay-off ratio, the amount of bettors for or against you still is important context in establishing what "consensus" position is, people still make bet with understanding it is for or against consensus... And ultimately, the idea of cancelling seems to negate the purpose of these bets which is "real" consequence for predictions. If you change your mind, you can make another bet the other way whose winnings would cancel losses of the first bet (or more), but if that is wrong then you would suffer consequences for losing that.
3) Somewhat independent of either 1) or 2), I think betting should be able to be closed arbitrarily far in advance of when the topic is resolved. There is just entire classes of topics which aren't really intersting to bet on if you can do so up until the final result is absolutely known. Let's say console sales predictions, what PS4 sales look like in 2 years is kind of silly to keep open all the way until 2 years. The tension of bet prediction is distance of time & knowledge to the result, and what is attraction of betting early if you know people can bet when sales are 99% known up until result is known? Since every topic might be different, this seems reasonable to allow setting as variable for each bet topic.

I'll have to think on this a bit, and figure out the best way to implement - there's no reason the person creating the game, couldn't be given the choice of either having a "fixed" pay-out, or a "weighted" one. I just need to think a bit, on the logic...

TalonMan said:

I'll have to think on this a bit, and figure out the best way to implement - there's no reason the person creating the game, couldn't be given the choice of either having a "fixed" pay-out, or a "weighted" one. I just need to think a bit, on the logic...

Hi @TalonMan

Thank you for this and many other features. This feature seems like something that can potentially become really popular. I know it has been around for a while, but i think that with more frequency this could become very popular. 

I have bet a fair amount in my life, and this scenario reminds me of betting in horses or Jai Alai. Maybe this is something that has been discussed before, but in case it hasn't I want to share my idea.

In simple terms, everything people bet goes into a pool, then the winning answer gets all the winnings divided by all the people that chose this answer.

This way there is much more reward for making bold predictions.


For example: This is one of the current bets. lets say that 15-17.5M ends up winning. The way  to calculate the return is to take the total, divide it by How much was bet on the winning answer (1) and multiply that by how much each person bet on the winning answer. (2)

1)$11,681.02 / $5,931.00 = 1.97

2) My bet(100)*1.97 = $197 VC$

In this case, the person who placed the $5 bet on 5-7.5M could potentially win $11,681.02 if they are right.

Like I mentioned, this could lead to more people trying to make bold predictions and therefore making it a little more interesting. It also opens up the possibility for people to bet lower amounts because their earnings are pretty much dependant on others, For example, in this case I would be discouraged from betting 100,000 (I know the max is 1,000 but this is just an example), because if I win, basically I would have to split the winnings with everyone that placed the same bet that I did and probably would pretty low returns (earn 5%), so It would be risking too much for too little.

Anyways, thanks again for more than a decade of great content and hard work.