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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony: PS5 not due out before April 2020

Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

I certainly can agree that sometimes your great design will be taken by surprise on reliability issues that couldn't be foreseen (that is what in aviation generally end up making Airworthiness Directives). Some times you'll discover something totally new and unexpected after the project was tested a lot.


DonFerrari said:

Still in the case of X360 my understanding is that their rush to release led to the issues (and that was my initial pitch, that the design philosophy was good, but they rushed the system out and that led to high failure rates) which was then countered saying they launched when they were supposed to. Then my understanding is that if they didn't rush they were incompetent in the design, because again I totally understand you designing for 1-5% failure rate in 2 years but something you couldn't see made it increase to 10%, but the problem on X360 were much bigger that is the reason I put that for original X360 it was bad design even if a great system.

In the Xbox 360's case it was a multitude of aspects that resulted in the RROD issue, why is why it wasn't a simple overnight fix.

The new solder was more brittle, would end up with hairline cracks... That was exacerbated by the heat-sink mounting system which applied significant pressure... And the sheer heat of the chips.
You solve one of those things... And failure rates would have dropped significantly, but not entirely.

nVidia also had it's fair share of solder issues with it's Geforce 8000/9000 chips which cost the company a big chunk of change... It just was not something that was ever tested for... So it was entirely new waters for the industry.
Obviously things have changed since then for the better and the lessons learned by Microsoft and nVidia isn't lost on the entire industry.,news-29026.html

The RROD of the Xbox 360 was totally unacceptable, the console needed more development time, Microsoft does have some amazing engineers at it's disposal. - But these things do happen though, no company is immune... And Microsoft does deserve the criticism where it dropped the ball, no doubt about it.

DonFerrari said:

Anyway I do agree that we can't discount the whole gen, but I would say that the high failure rate of the og X360 made they exaggerate on the size of X1 and together with the issues of reveal and they not supporting the last 2 years of X360 as well as Sony made the sales slower (after the first 2 months) than they would. I expect that for the next machine they and Sony will be very competitive on price, spec and reliability.

Indeed. The Xbox One size is likely attributed to the Xbox 360's initial issues... Plus that Heatsink and Fan was extremely chunky, more so than it needed to be... It did mean that it was extremely quiet and cool running though.

I do agree with what you posted and just want to put that we have had several cases of very big companies with great people that have gone under because of a single project that had failures no one could have guessed (like concord).

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