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Forums - Sony Discussion - Persona 5 The Royal - Trailer (10/31/2019 in Japan)

mZuzek said:
KingofTrolls said:

God please, everything but not this.

Well, if it's called the "persona super live event", I guess it's sadly the most likely thing.

That dancing game came out along with Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight, so unless they only plan to enhance only one of them, I wouldn't think that's it.

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Anyway, Kichijouji looks cool.

What I loved about it were the small hidden coffee shops, so I hope there are some cool places to visit in the game, and I'll see how much of it I recognize.

And we see Joker using a grappling hook in what appears to be the first palace.

I don't remember if they used grappling hooks in the original game at any point that I played. Maybe when transitioning between certain areas/loading screens, but don't think it was a mechanic you could use to traverse a palace like this.

And this here looks like a new area in the first palace.

Now, what on earth is this though?

It looks like some sort of character specific co-op attack between two characters?
If there are unique animations like that for the whole cast depending on you you pair up, then that may be my favorite new feature.

Nice to see darts and pool minigames/activities added.

And is this a new type of all out attack? Or another one of those new co-op attacks?

It starts off like an all out attack, but Joker doesn't join in even though he's there. And the enemy does not appear to be down either.
So this might be Makoto and Ryuji's co-op attack.

And here's a cool new feature. You can send selfies in group chat.

That'll come in handy commemorating fun moments.

New café.

New Shujin academy cafeteria?

A new best grill.

Looks like the game has a lot of new content.
In fact I'm starting to suspect this game will have substantially more content Persona 3 FES did.

Persona 3 FES launched for $30, but this one will be $60.

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John2290 said:
Persona 5s better be the DLC add on versio of this or I am going to be pissed. Hell, I'm already pissed. Screw Deep Silver and their constant greed over service to their paying customers. I think this might be boycott worthy for me after seeig how they fucked Steam users and are now fucking me. No one fucks me and gets paid.

Huh? Nothing to do with them. Blame Atlus/Sega for this. Probably more Atlus since they were doing this kind of bullshit before Sega owned them too.

I'll get this version in a few years - will play the OG version.


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Oh man...pretty hyped for this. Not sure if I'll get it right away since I played the vanilla version not that long ago...but 2020 is far enough away for it to feel fresh, so maybe.

Looks like Kasumi decided to repay the favor by appearing here in return for Persona costumes in Bandori. Heh.

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They MIGHT pull a P3FES/p3p on us...

By that I mean by royal having the extended post game while p5s having a female protagonist route.

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Hiku said:
Ultrashroomz said:

Also, April 25th is when they will show off Persona 5 S, which as of now we dont know what it is yet, whether it be a Switch version or a brand new spinoff.

Interesting. I see that now on the P5S site.

If it's a Switch version, I hope they won't be different from one another.
And if it's a Persona 5 fighting game, it would be interesting to see Arcsys use the new Guilty Gear/DBFZ engine.

Does P5 have DLCs? Becaus usually Switch ports have dlc included so they can charge it at retail launch price. 

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Jranation said:

Does P5 have DLCs? Becaus usually Switch ports have dlc included so they can charge it at retail launch price. 

Most of the DLC in P5 is just costumes and extra Persona from past games, nothing that wouldn't be hard to include in a rerelease.

Of course knowing Atlus, idk if they would charge for DLC again if this was a rerelease.

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Glad that I waited until this