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A bit of an old thread, but people still haven't figured out that the past generations does not predict future generation success. The last system you could have done this is the PS2 and Nintendo's handheld line. Otherwise, no major console manufacturer has held the top spot for more than a generation since Gen 6.

On that note, I think people are sleeping on XBox. As someone pointed out, Microsoft will have insane output with the number of studios they've acquired and they have been trying some wild ideas that seem to be working for them (such as Game Pass). Microsoft appears far hungrier than Sony does.

Also, Switch is Generation 9. It's time, not specs, that determines the generation. Wii U was Gen 8. You can have consoles inbetween generations. Also, specs don't matter as they rarely predict who is going to "win".

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I think every successive generation had proven that there can be 3 successful consoles on the market at one time.

You have to believe that Microsoft must want to regain the NA market over Sony in this upcoming generation, they have certainly gotten most of the conceivable mistakes out of the way by now.
I expect the next Xbox launch to be very strong and compelling.

Nintendo has a hit with the switch much like they did with the wii, so all they have to do is not screw up the naming of the successor and they will be golden.

PS5 will probably be in a dead heat with Nintendo for worldwide sales (launches aligned) if both companies play their cards right.

Microsoft will dominate in NA, and languish elsewhere despite some initial efforts to the contrary.

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