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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should video games play themselves (easy mode for Sekerio?)


Should games like Sekerio have an easy mode?

Yes. 15 35.71%
No. 25 59.52%
Unsure. 0 0%
Other/comments. 2 4.76%

I don't know why this topic keeps coming up, as far as I'm concerned there are a few simple, sensible points to state.

  • A game should not be forced to have an easy mode
  • People shouldn't be upset if developers do include an easy mode
  • Nobody should care how other people enjoy playing a game
  • In competitive online games players should be filtered by the settings they choose, so somebody using easy mode and having 10X the health, aim assist, steering assist, special DLC advantages etc shouldn't be competing against others who don't have that advantage, unless they want to do so.

That's all it should be, if a Souls game has an easy mode, that should be fine as long as it's an option. I won't ever buy a From Software game, I've tried a few but they are just too annoying to bother with, if they had some super easy mode, I might play them in order to see the world and then maybe gain an appreciation for the game on harder difficulties. But until that day, I'll just play games that already interest me.